Monday, December 1, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Well... not exactly. But All I Want for Christmas is a Cricut Machine just isn't as catchy of a song.

I know what you're asking... What in the hell is a Cricut Machine. Ah, my friend. Let me introduce you...

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This is the one-and-only-never-duplicated-infinitely-amazing-crafter's-holy-grail Cricut Machine. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (did you hear the angels singing?)

I'll explain it first in Jay's words, "It looks like a printer, and smells like a printer, but amazingly it's not a printer." Yes, babe, you are exactly right, it's not a printer. In fact it's a die cut machine. So, the other day when I made a Happy Anniversary banner for Dan and Shannon's first wedding anniversary, it took me about an hour and some pretty major hand cramps to cut out all the letters. With this machine it would have taken a fraction of the time and absolutely no hand cramps.

Basically what happens is you get different cartridiges for the machine which are different font styles and shapes. Then you simply select the letter/number/shape you want, load the paper in the machine, push the button and WAAAALAAAAA! It is quite amazing! You can even get vinyl to put through and can make quotes and such to go on the wall.

They have quite a few different machines at quite a few price points. I'm certainly not expecting to get the mack daddy version nor is that one necessary for what I do. (Jay about had a corinary right there in the isle of Michaels when all they had was the mack daddy version bundled with multiple cartridiges. It totalled to almost SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!)

The one I'm looking at is the smallest version and cuts shapes from 1" to 5 1/2", it comes bundled with a basic font cartridge and a basic shapes cartridge and is about $188 depending on where you look.

Since Jay and I have set a spending limit of $50 for each of us, he won't be able to get it for me on his own. So, don't be surprised if Jay contacts some of you in the near future so see if you want to contribute to the Cricut. Other wise I'm just going to have him give me cash and I'll start saving for it.

Trust me though, once I get it, there will be plenty of blogs showing off all the wonderful things i can do with it! Speaking of, I have a bunch of blogs in the wings. I need to show you all the wonderful things I've gotten at Paper Source since it opened last weekend, and then Thursday we got our tree and ever since then I've been making ornaments for it as well as decorating the table, front entranceway, and back porch. Lots and lots of fun stuff to show off.

What's on your holiday gift list?


Anonymous said...

really? That machine is appealing to someone? I use that informercial as the basis for stereotyping an entire group of people that'll buy anything if its sold right and here you say you can 'use' it?? I'm so discombobulated now.

bonniebelle said...

Well, anonymous, I've never actually seen the infomercial. I subscribe to a bunch of paper crafting and decorating blogs. One day I saw a spread about a woman who had decorated for fall. She had done a couple of projects that I had done just a couple of weeks earlier, but since she used this machine, she did not have the cramps and blisters that I did from cutting out leaves and letters with my hands. For an avid paper crafter who often finds herself cutting out shapes and letter with scissors and an xacto knife, this machine would be a dream come true. Just goes to show the woes of stereotyping! ;-)