About Me...

I started writing this section by going into a lot of theoretical explanations of who I am. But after scrapping many drafts, I finally realized that it is impossible to sum oneself up in a few sentences or paragraphs. Each of us are complicated, constantly changing, and sometimes contradictory beings, and anything I write would only apply to that static moment in time.
So instead, I've decided to write about why I started blogging and why I've kept blogging over the last 4 years.
Blogging is therapy for me. It helps me focus and tease out how I really feel about something. Because it's public, it challenges me to fact check and source my information. And it gives me a place to share my experiences in the hope that someone somewhere will find comfort, understanding, or humor in what I've been through.
It also gives me a place to record my life. Without any record, sometimes my life feels as if it didn't happen. I also love having the opportunity to look back and see how far I've come or how I've lost my way.
My writing style has changed over the years. I hope it's gotten better, but who knows. I try to look at everything with a grain of humor and highly encourage comments and discussion.
So... who am I? I'm a lot of things... a wife, a sister, and a daughter; an employee, a volunteer, and a friend; a maid, a cook, and a blogger; a crackberry addict, a facebook junky, and an Apple fanatic; an OCD party planner, a bi-polar, and a Dansko clog lover; an insatiable seeker of knowledge, a democrat, and a liberal an agnostic, a Twi-hard, and a collector of more bags and crafting supplies than my husband thinks one human could possibly need, a former writing-phobic, a 30 something, and a lover of phrases in three's...among a thousand other things.
But ultimately, I'm just a girl trying to move past simple survival and learn to truly thrive! And I'm so glad you could join me on this journey.
I'll leave you with the quote that inspired the whole thing: Surviving is Important, Thriving is Elegant. ~ Maya Angelou