Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is officially here...

Well, spring has officially come to the Stafford household. After months of dealing with my pleadings to leave the pine wreath up on the porch door because I love it so much, Jay finally took it down...only make a wonderful discovery!

Yes that's right! We have baby birdies!!!!! So, obviously the wreath went right back up were it was and will stay there until the nest is no longer needed. Here's a pictures of the way they built the nest between the wreath and the door. We usually keep the blinds shut on the door, so that's probably why the were able to build there. Now they seem to be a little wigged out becaues we keep the blinds open a lot more, and we are constantly checking on them. Thankfully, we can do it from the other side of the glass and therefore we aren't getting out scent or anything on the little ones.

From our guesstimation, there are about three little beaks in there! I've never seen a birds nest with little ones in it so close up. It's amazing to see them wiggle around. They seem to be mostly asleep but if they get startled, they start to shiver and wiggle. (Sorry little ones, I totally forgot that I had the sound turned on on my phone when I took a picture of you!)

Our resident science expert, Shannon, who works at Discovery Place said that she thinks they are finches. I'm going to have to do some research into it to confirm and see what they eat so we can put plenty in the bird feeder for the mommie to bring them.

Jay has been laughing at me all weekend because I've been like a little girl with a new puppie. I'm always checking on them and oohing and gooing over them. I guess if I can't have a baby human right now, then having baby birdies to watch grow up will be enough.

The funny thing is I thought we had a bat sleeping on our back porch. We would go out there at night and more than once I felt something fly over my head as soon as I opened the door. I'd gotten rather freaked out a couple of times because I can deal with spiders, and I can deal with bugs, and in my first marriage I was the bug killer while my husband stood on things and shreeked liked a girl, but when it comes to snakes and bats, I'll run and hide with the best of 'em!

When Jay discovered the bird's next, he called me to come look and said, "I've found your flying thing!" It was at least nice to know I wasn't going crazy! And I much prefer a finch to a bat!

Don't worry, there will be plenty more pictures as they grow. And if any homeschool families (oir non-homeschool families at that) want to take a field trip to see them, just let me know!!!

Happy Monday everyone and bring on the spring!