T is For Turtle

I've had a lot of people ask me why we call Lily, Turtle. It came about for two reasons.

1) Turtle was born with an amazing amount of neck strength. Moments after she was born, they plopped her up on my stomach even before they cut the cord and the first thing she did was LIFT UP HER HEAD AND LOOK ME IN THE EYES! I remember thinking... I'm not sure you're supposed to be doing that yet! Well, it wasn't a fluke. She kept lifting up her head to look around every chance she got. In the early weeks she would lose control of it and bonk us in the mouth our neck, but now she's pretty much got it all figured out. As you can see from this picture (which I was taking when she rolled over for the first time), that she looks just like a turtle when she lifts her head up like that.

2) When I was very big and pregnant with her, Jay use to tease me and call me Turtle because I would get on my back on the couch and not be able to get up without his help. So, it seems appropriate that she would be my little turtle.

You know those white stick figure families that people put on the back of their cars, I'd love to find a turtle family to put on the back of ours. Jay rolled his eyes when I suggested it, but then said he'd trade me the "I heart My Shiz-Tu" magnet I have on there now for it. :-) We're still trying to figure out what we are going to do when Lily learns that owls eat turtles (since her nursery is done in owls). I told Jay we'd just explain to her that her nursery owls are vegetarians. :-)