Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know you guys have all been waiting with batted breath to hear how the Paper Source opening weekend went. Well... maybe that's a little over exagerated.

The weekend was kind of crazy to say the least. I got an email from the North Carolina director of Operation Homefront on Thursday request assistance with almost 30 frozen turkeys that Rooms to Go had donated to needy military families. She was unfortunately out of state tending to her sick mother. So, I volunteered to pick them up, drop three of them off with families and then drop the rest off with one of the Operation Homefront contacts in Fayetteville. I figured I had skipped out on helping Jess bake cookies for the christmas packages for selfish reasons (the paper source openings), so I couldn't pass up this opportunity for the same selfish reason.

So, Friday night was LOOOOOOONG! I didn't get to Jess' house until almost 1am. Poor girl! It was worth it, though. I'm so glad that I could help and hopefully some families will have a turkey this thanksgiving that either wouldn't have had one or having one would have caused a financial strain on the family.

I came home Saturday night so that I could teach my movement class at Alexander Youth Network on Sunday. After that was over, I came back to the house, hurried Jay up, and we went to Paper Source.

There really is no way to describe what this store is like. It's like the Holy Grail of paper crafting! They have all the best tools, so many great templates, and they sale things both in large quantities and small so you can do any type of project. Unlike a scrapbooking store, this store understands that you may not be making only one of something. If you are making holiday cards or save the dates for something, you will need to make 10-100 just alike. So you they sell things in different quantities so that you can do that.

They have awesome stickers, sheets and sheets of different sized round and square stickers. The really nice things is that they also have word templates on their website for them. So, that way you don't have to worry about trying to figure out how to print on them.

I got so many cool things. I got a bone folder (which is actually teflon and not bone), a new small circle punch, a glue pin, some beautiful brown glitter to use with the glue pin, some absolutely gorgeous paper, this totally cool little sticker maker called a Xyron (love, love, LOVE IT!), and some awesome funny letter press cards for my brothers for christmas.

It's so nice to have somewhere to go that sales the tools I really need to do a good job at my craft projects. Michaels and AC Moore are good and have done me good for the last few years, but they are like the walmart or Sam's of craft stores compared to this store. For one thing, you don't have to weed through the puffy t-shirt paint from middle school projects or the summer camp inspired foam and plastic keychain making supplies.

And unlike Michaels and AC Moore, Paper Source is full of employee who are crafters first and employees second. One of the employees showed me how to use the envelope making template kit that I was buying as well as the envelope liner template that I'll probably pick up in a few weeks. She also showed me some great ideas for using punches, decorating unexpected areas of envelopes to show a fun surprise. She showed me how to use the embossing heat gun (which may very well be my next tool purchase), and great ways to use glitter.

I walked out with not only great tools, but great ideas and great encouragement! I highly recommend the store. It exceeded even my high expectations. If you get a chance (or make a chance) to go by the charlotte store or one in your area, absolutely do! And if you want to go with me, just give me a call! I'll probably be going most weekends. ;-)

Jay said that the longer I watched the demostrations, the more money he could feel coming out of our bank accounts!

p.s. hopefully tomorrow I'll post pictures of my loot!

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