Monday, December 15, 2008

The Amazing Adventures in Decorating with Shot Glasses

I'll admit that this wasn't wholey my idea. But truthfully, what ever is a purely original idea. I saw this picture on By the way, her blog is AMAZING! I'm usually over at least once a day for ideas and inspiration.

Anyway, here's the original idea.

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Here they wrapped double shot glasses in scrap booking paper. Well, this got me started thinking, what else can I do with shot glasses? Unfortunatley, we only have one double shot glass and one single shot glass which you can't really do anything with due to the size and shape. Amazingly, just a couple of weeks ago, our best friends bought us our belated wedding gift. And what was it??? A set of 10 double shot glasses. Shannon said when she gave themt to us that they were going to just get us four, but she knew I'd end up decorating with them. Here are two of my recent uses for them.

Here we have them sitting on our kitchen table almost as a runner. I cut a few springs of pine and put in there with a couple of sticks of cinnimon. Note: Don't use that fancy dancy cinnimon from the grocery store that is literally highway robbery at like 6 bucks for 5 sticks! I found a big thing of it at Garden Ridge for like 99 cents. Or you can go to a bulk foods store and get it there for much cheeper too!

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And here I sorted red and green m&m's into them and alternated the colors.

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Now, I'm not showing you the full decorations because I want to wait and get one more picture of a project I finished just last night before I have the big reveal. So, stay tuned. Hopefully, they will be ready to upload tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and creative day!

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