Monday, April 30, 2007

Day One

Well, I'm officially on the road! Yesterday totally bit (except for breakfast with my girls at the good old BBC which was awesome!) But then again, moving day always does I guess. It's always takes me like 5 hours longer than I think it's going to take me. I thought I could get everything done and be out of Long Beach by approximately 2pm. At 7:30... I finally pulled out!!! My car is packed to the brim, and I think my apartment was fairly clean. (We'll see when and if I get my deposit back) and I'm on the road to be with the love of my life! Hopefully today will be better. I ended up getting my first speeding ticket EVER! Oops! Oh well! And thought I was NEVER going to get to Flagstaff, but at 3:30am, I pulled into my hotel and finally crawled into bed. How come, you can be falling asleep at the wheel but then as soon as you hit the bed you're freaking WIDE AWAKE! Oh well!!! I'm getting ready to get on the road again. I don't want to do any more late nights like that. So I'll update you guys later today or tomorrow morning!


Day Two

So today was significantly better than yesterday! I'm a little sore from moving and my back hurts from sitting in the car all day but on the whole it was a great day! It started out by walking out of my hotel in flagstaff to the beautiful site of pine trees! I felt like I was home already! I know everyone raves about living at the beach and the palm trees and such but, I'll take a good ol' pine any day!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Then I surveyed my car and massaged the packing in order the elevate any thing that had caused cursing the night before! Hehe! (Note: I never curse!) My car has become a life size jig saw puzzle! I have to make sure and take as little out as possible at my mom's otherwise I'll never get in all back in there!

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Then Jeremy Jr, started getting antzy and begging to get on the road! He stayed in the car the night before since it was so late. ;-)


So we headed out.


That's when I remembered how much I enjoy driving, and specifically how much I enjoy driving alone. It is one of the only times when I really have time to think! No one is asking anything of me, there are no expectations on me (other than staying in the lines and under the speed limit, which I was anal about the whole day! I used my cruise control probably 90% of the day!!) The weather was beautiful! Blue skies, puffy white clouds, and hardly any cars on the road the vast majority of the time.We stopped a few times for gas and drinks/food, but pretty much drove straight there. Here we're stopping for some much needed liquid. The red bull is mine. I promise there's no Jager slipped in there though! Jeremy Jr. had a good eye on me!


It sprinkled rain just a few times and just enough to remind me of how much I love the smell of rain! I've missed it so much. So... 10 hours later, we pulled into Amarillo, TX and are now safely tucked in for the night. I thought I would be afraid coming in and out of hotels alone, but I haven't had any problems. Maybe it's just that left over invensible teenager attitude I tend to have. :-)So, tomorrow is another long day! We'll leave here and drive approximately 10 hours again to Memphis, TN. But after that we're almost there. We'll hopefully pull into Asheville on Wednesday. Well, I'd better go and get some rest. We lost two whole hours today so tomorrow may be hard. But it doesn't matter because I'm on the way to be with the love of my life!

Thanks y'all


Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Excerpt from Navy Times Article

Nimitz home last weekend before going to Gulf

By Gidget Fuentes - Staff writer
Posted : Monday Apr 2, 2007 6:37:12 EDT

SAN DIEGO – More than 6,000 sailors are spending their last weekend at home before the aircraft carrier Nimitz leaves its San Diego pier Monday on a course for the Persian Gulf.

Nimitz, a nuclear-powered carrier based at North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado, Calif., will replace the Norfolk, Va.-based Eisenhower and its carrier strike group and join the John C. Stennis carrier strike group in the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa regions.


This is increadible news!!! It means that the guys will be heading home soon!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!! OMG!!! I can't believe that this is actually going to happen!! I leave Cali 4 weeks from yesterday! So, I only I have 3 weeks and 6 days left!!! YAY!!!!