Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CMA Awards

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Really? Need I say more?????

I come from a long line of country music fans. In fact, tonight I sit watching the CMA's as one of three generations, both my mom and my grandma are watching it at the same time.

I did have a few observations from the night though.

1) When did it become so hard to distinguish between country, rock, and pop music? I'm all for the "new country" which is more like the rock I love the most, but I had to shake my head at a couple of things. First of all: I want to tell Lady Antebellum that having a SLIGHT southern accent doesn't make you a country music artist.

2) And this second one is so big that it deserves its own bullet... KidRock on the CMA's!!!! WTF! Is nothing sacred anymore!

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3) Martina McBride's costumer needs to be drug into the street and shot! I mean really, Gene Simmons called and he wants his outfit back!

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4) Why do all the new female country singers all look alike? Who can tell between Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, etc? Where are the brunettes? Where are the up and coming Martinas (minus the crazy outfit) and the Gretchen Wilsons and the Rebas.

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5) OMG! Is Reese Witherspoon not the most adorable thing that ever lived?!?!?! I just love her!

6) And how adorable was it when Brad Paisley came down from the stage to hug his wife and kiss his unborn baby through her belly!

7) Holy crap... I hope I'm not the only one who cried when the fallen vet's wife talked about how music had helped her cope with the lose of her husband and then Carrie Underwood sang Just a Dream!

8) And how sexist is it to end with MALE singer of the year! They should at least end with Album of the Year or something more gender neutral.

Overall I thought the CMA Awards were pretty good. There was plenty of nice scenery ;-), enough pretty outfits to oogle over and enough bad ones to make fun of to really make the whole thing worth wild. So, until next year, Bonnie Belle signing off from the... well... the living room.

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