Friday, November 21, 2008

Paper Source Countdown...T-2 and 1 days!

Well, I wasn't able to post a countdown blog yesterday because I actually had to work and was too busy. (Gah! The nerve!)

So, today we'll have a double feature to make up. First up is this absolutely adorable boxed card set which portrays not only Paper Source's sense of style but also their sense of humor.

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In case it's too hard to read, the card says:

Dear ________________

Let me be totally honest, you're on the naughty list. It wasn't even a close tie. Better luck next year. Love, Santa

Love it! Love it! Love it!

One of the things I love most about Paper Source is that they cater to crafters of all skills and creativity levels. They have everything from printed personalized cards that are completely put together for you, but they also sell all the piece so you can do your own thing. In between they have these kits.

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And what would you do with this kit?

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Needless to say, I am very excited for the grand opening tomorrow. But it will be Sunday before I can get over there and start my shopping. Rooms to Go has donated 30 frozen turkeys to Operation Homefront and I volunteered to pick them up, deliver a couple in this area and then take the rest to Fayetteville, so I'll be able to help Jess make cookies for the soldier packages she's putting together! That should be really fun and I'm really looking forward to dropping off these turkeys at the homes of wounded vets and being able to thank them and wish them a happy thanksgiving!

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