Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Turtle!

Turtle is 4 months old today, and I can.not believe it! I feel like last time I closed my eyes I was 9 months pregnant. Maybe that's because the last time I got a really good night's sleep was about 6 months ago. Hehe.

Turtle is growing by leaps and bounds and developing at an astonishing rate. Well, astonishing rate to me, I'm sure she's right on schedule and I refuse to be on of those moms who insists that her child is a genius that does everything ahead of schedule. It is just unbelievably amazing to watch how quickly she develops. In 4 short months, she's gone from sleeping 20 something hours of the day, barely able to hold up her head, and unaware her hands were attached to sitting up with very little assistance from us, having lengthy "conversations", and controlling her arms and hands enough to grasp things and put them in her mouth.

I am constantly amazed at the language ability that she has already. She will often times have "conversations" with me where we'll hold eye contact and we take turns... she "talks" and then I talk. It's amazing. Most of her babbling sounds like long "A" sounds and short "a" sounds. And sometimes it even sounds like she's singing. She also "says" hi a lot. I know it's just a random sound but she says it all the time. Maybe it's just random or maybe it's just because I say that to her all the time. Who knows. She's been saying it since about 6 weeks. The first time she did it Jay and I both looked at each other in shock like, "OMG! Did our 6 week old just start talking?!?!" Then we came to our senses. ;-)

Turtle loves to sit up. If you lay her back against your propped up legs or in her swing, she will strain trying to sit up. She is even able to balance there for a while but someone needs to be close by because eventually she gets bored of it, pushes her legs out and launches backwards. Usually while squealing. She likes to sit in her Bumbo for a while sometimes and we've even started taking it to restaurants so she can sit on the booth bench or in an extra chair while we eat. It's really nice since she doesn't like being in my Bekaboo wrap any more (she likes to look around instead of being pressed into my chest) and is still a little too small for a high chair. We took her to Cook Out with us the other day and she sat right beside me on the bench in her Bumbo and the three of us just talked the whole time. It was so lovely and was like seeing a glimpse into our future as a family of three.

Turtle has also started blowing "raspberries". She did it for the first time at mom's house when I was picking her up after work. I was in the middle of a sentence when I realized what she was doing. I stopped right then and started squealing. She wasn't so sure about that. Then I rushed her home so her daddy could hear her since he's been trying to teach her how to do that for a while now. :-)

She's also becoming even more observant, if that's even possible. We put her in the baby seat of a shopping cart at Walmart the other day and let her hang out there while we shopped. She had such a wonderful time! She especially liked the soda and chip isle because of all the bright colors of the packaging. I'm sure she would have loved the cereal isle too but we didn't need anything down there. I absolutely love showing her new things. It's amazing how your perspective changes when you have a tiny new human in your life. Everything becomes an adventure, and everything becomes new and exciting when seen through her tiny eyes.

This weekend was wonderfully exhausting and it will probably take me all week to recover. But you only live once, right? Turtle did wonderfully on the drive to Raleigh (about 2 1/2 hours). It was by far the longest car ride she's taken, and I was so proud of her. For the ride up there we put the girls in one car (me, my mom, and our friend Lauren) with Turtle while the boys drove the other car with baby Zoe. It was so much fun to have some girl time to just chit-chat and it made the drive just fly by. Turtle also did great at the Maker Faire. I put her on my back and she fell asleep. The only thing was it was warm in the facility where the fair was held and she heated me up! My back was soaked when I took her off, but I'm very proud of myself for tackling the back carry which was something I was very intimidated by. I still can't do it by myself but Jay helps me and between the two of us she gets wrapped up pretty quickly.

The Faire itself was pretty cool. There were two booths there with MakerBots (in essence 3d printers) and just seeing those in person was worth the drive up there. There was also a booth that had a laser etcher and it was awesome!! I wanted one of those too. Hopefully, they will have it in a larger venue next year. My brother says this year's venue was about 3-4 times the size of last year and it was still packed out, just like last year. I'm hoping to convince more of my homeschool friends to come with us next year. We realized that you really have to talk to the folks in the booths though because we missed a lot of stuff that my brother told us about because we saw the booth but didn't stop to ask the person what the story was. We will definitely remember that next year.

There was a flea market going on at the fairgrounds too but it was just too hot to have the girls out there for too long. So, we took a picture and split with our friends.

They had family in Raleigh they wanted to see and we had a friend we wanted to have dinner with. We went by the mall and got to see our friend Frankie. It was his first time meeting Turtle and he was very impressed. We stressed that not all babies are like her (easy going, laid back, not usually fussy, etc.) so not to be getting any ideas! ;-)

Then we pointed out wagon back towards home. We were glad to get home at a reasonable hours since Sunday was Father's Day and would be a big day too. I have a lot of photos though, so I'm going to make that a separate post.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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