Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun, fun, and more fun! (Week 15)

I simply cannot get over how big Turtle is getting!!! Look as those chunky baby thighs! I'm always pointing them out and Jay will say, "Mama, don't make fun of my fat!" I tell her that baby fat is adorable. It's only adult fat that isn't. ;-)

See that big huge smile? She was smiling at her Daddy making faces. I enlisted his help this week for the pictures since she tends to lose her smile when I put the camera in front of my face. It worked like a charm, and I think I'll be enlisting Daddy's help every week.

This was an odd week routine wise. I'm not a big fan of forcing Lily onto a schedule, but we have noticed that she generally has a natural routine that she follows. Well, this week she was all over the place. Sleeping strangely, eating odd amounts and at odd intervals. For instance she went from eating about 7 oz every 5-6 hours last week to 5 oz every 3-4 hours this week. Since, like I said, I'm not a fan of forcing her to follow a schedule we all just tried to follow her lead. Although that meant Mama was really tired a few days when Turtle had wanted to play the Binki Game half the night. (That's the game where Turtle spits out her binki and then fusses until Mama finds it and puts it back in. A few minutes later the whole process is repeated. She learned this game from the puppy who plays the push-the-squeak-toy-under-the-couch-and-watch-Mama-dig-it-out-game.) I have heard that babies will sometimes completely throw off their routines before they accomplish a big milestone like sitting up or crawling. The theory is that their brains and bodies are so occupied with learning the new skill that it throws off their routines. It seems to make sense now that she rolled over for the first time. So, we'll see if she settles back in. She definitely slept better last night then she has in a while. We put her to bed at about 9:30 last night and she didn't start fussing until about 5am. This is progress since usually it's about 3:30 am when she fusses and wants in our bed. This past week she slept the entire night in our bed a couple of times since she just didn't want to completely calm down.

This weekend was so much fun! It really started Friday at lunch when I went to Buy Buy Baby to look for something for Jay's Father's Day gift and ended up buying half their store. I really shouldn't shop on Fridays because that's when I get paid and I feel like I have money. Oops! I picked up a couple of things for Jay and then found a few things for Lily. One was what's called a Wubbanub. It's basically a Soothie (pacifier) sewn to a stuffed animal and sold for 4 times it's worth. But I'd been coveting them online and this was the first time I'd seen them in a store so I had to buy it!

Lily's ehh about the Soothie, Nuk's are her favorite binki's, but she loves the bear! She'll hug it and hold it's arms and it's so freaking cute!

Saturday morning, Jay went to Cars and Coffee with our friend Dave and since Lily hadn't slept well and had me up at 7am, I texted mom to see if she wanted to grab breakfast. She was of course game so I picked her up and we headed to IHOP. It was Lily's first trip and I think every.single.server. came by our table to see her. She's always the hit of the party wherever we go.

We of course had to document the milestone! And don't you love her bib. In case you can't see it says, "T is for turtle". Squeee! It was one of the other things I got her during my epic Buy Buy Baby trip.

Later on Saturday, My Childhood BFF's daughter had her ballet performance and Lily went with us. Well, technically she went with us to the Nutcracker performance in December too, but she says it was pretty dark! ;-)

We got there an hour early to make sure we could get a seat since it's a free performance and ends up being standing room only. I wanted to make sure we got a seat in the back on the isle so that I could slip out if Turtle got cranky. She ate right before the show started so she was very alert at the beginning. I sat her up so she could see and even being that far back she still stared at the stage. About 45 minutes in, she started to get a little wiggly and I could tell she was ready to take a nap. So, I snuck out and put her in the wrap and she slept pretty much the rest of the performance. Here we all are after it was over.

That's me and Lily and April and her daughter (the ballerina!)

And here's all the girls.

That's me and Lily, April and her daughter, Debby (April's mom), my mom, Anna (April's sister) and her two beautiful daughters in front. My mom and dad moved in to my childhood home across the street from Debby  when I was just born and April was about 9 months old. We were best friends for years and years and now here we are, 30 something years later, all grown up with daughters of our own! It's amazing how that works. What a pretty group of women!

After I took Mama home, I headed over to our friends' Dave and Lauren's house to meet Jay and we chilled there for a while.

On Sunday we had our weekly photo session and that's when she rolled over which I've already documented in pictures. But I'll leave you with this one last picture. Oh how I love her feet!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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