Sunday, June 5, 2011

Epic Working Mother WIN!!!

One of my biggest fears as a working mom is missing some of those big firsts. But today I got to witness Lily rolling over (tummy to back) for the first time! And she agreed not to tell me if she has in fact done it at grandma's before now. :-D

I was taking Lily's weekly picture and was taking some of her on her tummy to show everyone why we call her Turtle, when she tucked her hip under and rolled over on her back. I started squealing and clapping. She wasn't sure what I was so excited about. It was such a cool moment!

A few minutes later, I put her back on her tummy to get some more pictures and see if she would roll over again, and yet she did!

 Are you watching, Mama?

No, really, Mama? Are you watching?

Hehe! Here I go!


TA DA!!!

This working mom is soaking in the milestone glory! Woohoo!!

1 comment:

Granggie said...

How precious!
She's such a cutie!
So glad I got to see her yesterday... oh and the "mom" and "grandmom" too!
Fun sharing Makenna's recital with the three of you!