Monday, June 20, 2011

BFP Anniversary!

This past weekend was wonderfully exhausting, and I'll be posting about it as soon as I have a chance to get the pictures off the camera. But today is a very special day for me. It's our BFP Anniversary! (BFP is an acronym from message boards and stands for Big Fat Positive [pregnancy test].) :-) On this day last year (which happened to be Father's Day) we found out that Turtle would be coming into our lives. It's absolutely amazing to me how much your life can change in just one short year! I'm working on a video to commemorate the anniversary and hope to get it finished this evening after work, but in case I don't, I wanted to post the story of the day we found out we were going to have a baby. The main thing I remember about that evening was being scared out of my mind! I'd been yearning for a baby for years but at the moment I saw that second pink line the only thing I could think was, "What have I done?!?!" Come to find out, what I had done was start the most amazing journey of my life. It's been scary, it's been tough, but it's been the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. I love my Turtle more than life it's self and can't wait to watch her grow into the women she is destined to be.

I'm sure you want to know the story.

This was a huge surprise. We certainly had not set out to get preggo, but without going into too much graphic detail, I'll just say that we knew we were playing with fire. So, I guess it was a surprise but not a shock.

I knew I was a day or two late, but that didn't concern me too much as it happens from time to time. I would say I "knew", but I've "known" many other times and was wrong. This just seemed a little different. I wasn't sick, but had some other signs and over the weekend was having a very hard time keeping my eyes open! So, on Sunday evening, I took the first home pregnancy test. I knew you were supposed to take them in the morning, but I had bought a two pack and just couldn't wait. Now, I've taken hundreds of these over my lifetime (see comment above about running "late" being rather normal for me) so I figured I'd take one that evening and when it come up negative I'd take the other in the morning just to be sure. I'm so use to them coming up negative, that I almost didn't believe it when I saw that very distinct (not faint at all) second pink line!

Now I hadn't told Jay that I was taking the test, because I knew he'd give me a hard time about getting my hopes up because he's been around for the aftermath of some of the other times I've "known" and was wrong...and devastated. So, I come out of the bathroom upstairs literally yelling his name! When I come down the stairs I realized that he was in the bathroom and tried my hardest to reassure him that I was ok.
When he came out I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs in a state of shock, shaking, and hyperventilating. Yes, you'd think I'd be the calm one, but it was my wonderful, loving, amazing husband who I'd expected to be falling apart. We sat on the couch for a little while, soaking in the experience (and trying to catch my breath and stop shaking!). We decided we should have it confirmed right away and I promised to call the OB/GYN the next morning to make an appointment.

We made a couple of phone calls in which we swore said people to secrecy and then tried to go to sleep, which was impossible.

Oh how your life can change in just one short year!

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