Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change is Good?

Obviously whoever said "Change is Good" didn't deal with anxiety issues.

I have a job which I have hated almost every day of the 2 years I've been here! It's stressful and exhausting, I'm over worked and under appreciated, I carry none of the authority but all the responsibility, and it brings me to tears on a very regular basis. And yet as I look at the prospect of a new and very real opportunity, I find myself... terrified!

To someone who deals with anxiety issues, the devil you know is absolutely better than the devil you don't know. What if this jobs turns out to be just as awful as the one I have now! What if the people there are just as difficult to work with as the ones here! Even though I hate my job with a passion, I'm comfortable with it. I know what to expect, even if that is crap-o-la in a can!

So what can I do? I can hope that I learned from this experience. Hopefully, I won't be so desperate that I overwhelm my instincts. Hopefully, I can go into the interview with the client (if I'm offered one) with all my senses active. Hopefully, I'll be able to ask the interviewer the questions I need to in order to determine if this is as much a good fit for me as I am for them. Hopefully, I can calmly trust my instincts to tell me if this is a good opportunity to not... although, almost anything would be better than what I've dealt with over the past 2 years.

Wish me luck and cross your fingers. I'll keep you all updated!

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