Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I've Never, Ever Done...

I've never, ever...

1)  Told my almost 8 month old daughter to put her "big girl diaper on and deal with it."

2)  Let her chew on a wedding invitation only to notice a corner missing and said corner stuck to the roof of her mouth.

3)  Bangged her head on the door seal (while carrying her on my hip) because I misjudged the clearance.

4)  Given her an old tv changer because she refused the toy one I bought her with a look that said, "Um mom. I KNOW this is a toy!" And I swear she rolled her eyes at me.

5)  Used said discarded toy tv changer to shoot at my friends, illiciting the following phrase from my husband, "Um, that is not a phaser."

6)  Ordered a Princess Leia costume for her first Halloween (and no it's NOT the gold bikini).

7)  Turned on the TinkerBell movie so that I could get just one more moment of sleep on a Saturday morning.

8)  Made her wear multiple articles of clothing with bear ears attached to them.

8)  Bought her multiple pairs of brightly colored striped tights.

9)  Contemplated matching mother-daughter outfits.

I expect my Mother of the Year Award to arrive any day now!

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Granggie said...

so cutie!
liked your blog today!