Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Working Momma Turtle

Our weekday schedule is crazy. So, I decided that I would bring you guys along with us for a day. I can pretty much guarantee it's not going to pretty all the time, but neither is life. So, follow along and feel free to share a day in your life.

5:30am  Jay's alarm goes off and he jumps in the shower (this is assuming that Turtle hasn't decided to wake up before this). Turtle and I snuggle.

5:45am  He fixes Turtle a bottle and feeds her while I desperately try to wake up (read: check my email and facebook on my phone).

6:00am  I get in the shower while Jay plays with Turtle in the bed. (Oh who am I kidding it's at least 6:15 before I even get out of bed).  Oh how I love a casual work environment!

6:30am  Jay leaves for work.  I finish getting Turtle ready and do a few things around the house...

... like starting a load of laundry.

Then I load us up. We require a lot of bags around here. That's my purse, lunch bag, and crochet bag (to work on at lunch) and Turtle's diaper bag.

7:00am  Turtle and I leave for Grandma's house. But first a stop at McDonalds for an Iced Coffee.

7:15am I drop Turtle off at Grandma's house and start my 45 minute commute to work. My sanity is brought to you by The Bob and Sheri Show.

8:00 am  Work Starts (technically my clock is 3 minutes fast so I was right on time). Thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad. I grab a power bar or oatmeal for breakfast once at the office.

12:00pm  Lunch Break. Yesterday that meant a run to Michaels.  Today it means some time to catch up on Hulu and some crocheting.

5:00pm  Fly out of work and fight rush hour traffic to get my Turtle.  My sanity on the commute home is brought to you by NPR's All Things Considered. Jay leaves work and heads straight to school.

5:45pm  Pick up Turtle from Grandma's house and hang out for a little while. Since our fridge is still thawing out, I grab a quick bowl of cereal at before heading home.

6:30pm  Arrive at the house and try desperately to get a few things done. Tonight's goal: clean off the table. Lily hangs out on my back while I clean.

6:15pm  Turtle gets hungry and begins demanding a bottle.

7:30pm  Bottle done, diaper changed, jammies on. And it's play time in the bed while mommy plays on the computer or crochets. And yes, no matter what I do she won't stay asleep.

8:30pm  Mommy and baby are both ready for bed. (Yes I know my 8 month old and I have the same bedtime but it's the only way I can manage our schedule).

11:30pm  Daddy arrives home from school and kisses us goodnight. Sometimes I wake up pleading with him to tell me it's not 5:30am. :-)

And then we do it all over again! It's hectic, it's crazy and it's exhausting, but I wouldn't trade my little family for the world. What's your day like?


bobthecowboy said...

That's a great little snap shot of life. It'll be neat to see it when she's older and the schedule is completely different. I'd love to do this but I don't have a cute little turtle to show off in my pictures. It'd just be me in various stages of groggy and grumpy. =)

Katie said...

Sounds pretty close to my schedule, except my hubby is home with us all evening. It is NOT easy being a working momma, especially with a long commute! I feel your pain.

Design Thoughts said...

What a sweet Peanut!! OMG I miss that size!!

bonniebelle said...

Yeah, Katie. I've been reading your blog since we were both pregnant and it was awesome to know another working (in an office) momma. It's definitely not easy but like my friend says, "That's when you gotta MOMMY UP!"

And Design Thoughts, THANK YOU! She is the love of my life. As easy as life seemed to be before she came along, I wouldn't change things for the world!

Kristina said...

Happy Tuesday! Visiting from Growing Up Geeky's Toddle Along Tuesday. :)