Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcoming a New Community Member

This past Saturday, we had a Welcoming Ceremony at the house for Turtle. I've already posted about how I came to decide on hosting a Welcoming here so I won't go into too much detail on that except to say that it was a non-religious ceremony celebrating the addition of Lily to our family.

Since two of my brothers were coming in from Asheville (just to turn back around and drive back, how awesome are they!) and were running a few minutes late, we decided to start the celebration with food. Since we were running very short on cash, I decided to keep everything simple. I had fabric left over from decorating the nursery that I used on the table and I brought down the paper lanterns I hung in the nursery. Since everything was owl themed already I decided to go with it and made fairly simple owl cupcakes. They were a huge hit and just go to prove my point that if you don't have a lot of money it's always better to go simple and dramatic rather then elaborate and run the risk of it looking cheap.

Once everyone arrived we moved out onto the back deck since it was such a beautiful day and the lighting would be much better out there. Our friend Shannon was gracious enough to "officiate" for us.

And started off by asking us what we had decided to name this newest community member.

I said that her first name was Lillian and it meant purity. Her middle name is Louise as is her mother's (me), her grandmother's and her great-grandmother's. It means mighty warrior and I hope it represents the tenacity that flows through the women in our family. Then we passed off the baby to Grandma so that we could renew our vows to each other.

Lily was still the star of the show though which is why we have this picture of her and none of us renewing our vows. Hehe. Look at those chipmunk cheeks!!!

Then we were asked to profess our commitment to raising Lily to follow her own path. And the Grandmother's were asked to do the same.

Then the larger community was asked to commit to bringing their unique perspectives and beliefs to Lily's life so that she might find her own path. Then everyone was asked to bring up the river rock they had been "warming" with their love and blessings during the ceremony, touch it to Lily's heart, offer a blessing over her and place their rock in a bowl of water. I chose rocks so that I could them display them in her room somehow as a constant reminder of all the people who love her.

Shannon then used the water, blessed by her friends and family, to bless Lily.

Mama tried not to cry during the benediction.

And Uncle Levi tried to stay awake. Hehe.

When the ceremony was over everyone wanted their picture made with the guest of honor. My mom's friend Nancy.

Uncle Aaron

Aunt Shannon


Three generations of Louise's: Kathy Louise, Bonnie Louise, and Lillian Louise

My mom's college roommates and my extended aunts. They call themselves the Sunshine Girls and I've been going to Sunshine Girl weekends most of my life. Now there is a new little Sunshinelette.

Uncle Dan and Aunt Shannon

And Nona (Jay's mom) and her friend Barbara

Of course there were plenty of pictures of just the Turtle.

This is her humble face. "Adorable? Who me? Nah!"

This is her suspicious face. "Hummmm... I'm not so sure about these people! Tell me they aren't my family!"

This is her starlet face. "Did someone call me? Am I needed for another photo-op?"

It was such a great time and I am so glad we had this little ceremony. But just like Ms. Lily, we were all beat by the end of the day!

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