Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rocket Fart

The funniest thing happened last night! Jay had just finished changing Turtle while I was folding some of her laundry. He was holding her and bouncing her around her room while talking to her, when he noted that her belly seemed a little extra fluffy. Now we are always joking about her "Formula Belly" but it seemed even extra puffy last night. Having watched too many medical drama tv shows, I asked if it was hard. He gently pushed on it and remarked that yes, it seemed firmer on one side, but it didn't seem tender. My over-anxious, OCD, watches-too-much-Dr.-House-mind immediately went to an intestinal blockage! Oh no! What were we going to do?!!? Should we call the pediatrician? Should we take her to the hospital? Instead Jay just kept pushing on her belly at which point she let out a gigantic rocket fart! I mean, Turtle is know for her farting abilities and regularly makes her uncles proud, but this one was EPIC! I'm really surprised she didn't go flying out of Jay's arms.

The fact that my knows-just-enough-medical-jargon-from-tv diagnosis of intestinal blockage had actually just been a little gas hit me as so funny that I was bent over double in her nursery laughing. And the fact that she broke into the biggest, toothless smile ever didn't help any. It was one of those moments that I knew I had to document because when she's going off to college, and I'm crying over losing my baby, I'm going to want to remember the night she just about rocket farted herself out of her daddy's arms. That and it'll make great black mail material when she starts dating. "Be home by 10pm or I'll tell him the Rocket Farting story!"

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are you taking time to savor the small joys in your life?

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