Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm super excited that it's Friday! Jay has been working out of town all week, which I didn't want to mention because it's never a good idea to announce on the internet that you're home alone all week. He comes home tonight, and I'm so excited! The first thing I'm going to do, after hugging and kissing him of course, is take a nice LONG shower! Since I've been flying solo with Turtle the whole week, I've been taking these super quick showers in the morning. She's usually very content in the mornings and perfectly willing to hang out in her crib and look at her mobile for a few minutes, but I'm always worried that she's going to start crying the second I soap up.

Also, when I went to eat my cereal on Monday morning I realized that the milk was warm. Yuck! I was hoping that maybe the door hadn't gotten closed completely, but no such luck. Our fridge seems to be on the fritz, and unfortunately, we were really tight on cash this week so we couldn't just call up a repair guy. So, I've been roughing it without a fridge. You never realize how much you use something until it's gone. Everything cook (and I needed to cook in all week because of the cash situation) needed at least one refrigerated item. But we survived. Spaghetti-O's are awesome. I'd forgotten how much I liked them. Probably because I haven't had them since college. I did make spaghetti one night and froze the extra sauce, so last night I made some noodles and defrosted the sauce. That worked out really well. Unfortunately, Turtle decided she was hungry about a half an hour before I expected her to be, right as my noodles were finishing up. Oh well. I just reheated them when I finished with her bottle.

So, it's been a crazy, busy week and I'm so glad it's over. Since my mom watches Turtle all week, I hate to ask her to baby sit for us too, plus she's headed to the mountains tonight to pick up my brother, so Jay and I are planning on a date-night-in tonight. I'm going to get a frozen pizza and some popcorn and we're going to watch 50 First Dates (one of our all time favorite movies) all snuggled in the bed as a family. I might even pick up some of those movie theater sized candy boxes at the grocery store. I've a firm believer that limited resources can make you more creative if you let it.

I hope everyone has had a great week. And I'll leave you with two pics I took this morning to send to Jay.

This is Turtle in her new turtle onesie we found last week at Wal-Mart.

And this one is of her flashing her gang sign for the camera. You have to teach 'em the important things, yo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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