Monday, August 23, 2010

The most beautiful sound in the world!

We heard it! THE BABY'S HEARTBEAT! It was the most incredible sound I've ever heard and I totally cried. In fact, I tear up every time I think about the experience, but that may be due to all the lovely pregnancy hormones. I cry at anything and everything now, both good and bad. But anyway...

I have been super anxious to hear the heartbeat because other than peeing on stuff and in cups for the past few months, I've had no other confirmation that we were pregnant. I know, I know, I'm horribly impatient, but I was really beginning to worry about miscarrying since a couple of the girls on my online message board had lost their babies recently. Also at my 8ish week appt, the midwife had comment on how small my uterus felt during the internal exam. She clarified very quickly that it was appropriately small but still, I was scared to death that the baby had stopped growing.

So after Jay and I talked to the nurse and then we talked to the midwife about the questions I had accumulated over the last few weeks, she asked me if there was anything else I was worried about. I told her that I was only worried that something was wrong with the baby since I hadn't heard the heartbeat yet. She told me to jump up on the table and we'd take care of that right then.

I knew that sometimes it could take awhile to find the heartbeat even with a perfectly healthy baby. So, I was preparing myself for that. She pushed on my stomach and I asked her if she could feel my uterus since I had not been able to feel it yet. As she was pulling out the doppler she said, "It's still kind of hard to feel it, but I feel it more on this side so that's where we're going to... OH! There it is!" And there it was! Almost immediately! The most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life! The sound of my baby's heartbeat! My little Butter Bean knew that I needed some reassurance and made sure to make himself easy to find. He's not even here yet and he's helping calm his poor neurotic mama!

Jay was able to record it on the voice recorder on his phone, and although I can text the file to people, I haven't been able to figure out how to convert it into an mpg file so I can upload it anywhere. I may have to do some more research before my next appointment so eventually I can put it up here on the blog. I am fully aware though, that Jay and I (and possibly his mom and my mom) are the only ones who really think it's as cool as it is, but still. And that didn't stop me from subjecting all my friends to the recording all weekend! Hey, that's what friends are for right, sharing in your joy even when they don't find it nearly as interesting as you do. :-)

Everything else looks good too! My records were successfully transferred from my old OB office to the Midwife's office. They went over the blood work done at my last OB appointment and the midwife said everything looked great. I'm Rh+ so that means I won't have to worry about blood type issues between me and the baby. My blood pressure was nice and low, which was a huge load off my mind seeing that I had gotten a normal reading at my psychiatrist's office (blood pressure should and had been running low the entire pregnancy) and then during a health fair at work, I got a high reading and about lost it! I'm sure those were both due to me trying to detox off my psyc meds. I'm so thankful to know that it is back to normal, for the pregnancy at least.

I'm also still doing quite well off my psyc medication. I'm not on the 6th day without the anti-depressant, which probably explains the crying issues. Hum. Anyway, I am feeling just the slightest bit of vertigo every once in a while, but nothing that disrupts my life. Hopefully, even that will go away soon. And we will be able to spend the rest of this pregnancy drug free. My midwife did say that she was not happy that my psychiatrist had taken me off the meds so quickly and made me feel like it was life or death. She said that if I need the anti-depressant especially, that she wouldn't think twice about putting me back on. That reassurance is definitely nice to know going forward but I'm really hoping to be able to get through the pregnancy without the meds, and even beyond because if I'm on them meds, it means I can't breastfeed which is very, very important to me!

I lost 2 lbs since my last appointment, but because of my weight and the fact that I just finished the first trimester they weren't too concerned. I should start putting on more weight soon though. My goal is probably around 15 lbs for the pregnancy. I hope I can stay close to that. Hopefully, I'll be able to eat more soon and that means I'll have to make sure that I'm eating good food and not just fast food and junk.

Well, Happy Monday everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

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