Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to week 10!

Or 11 if you ask Jay. We need to clear up with the midwife at our next appointment whether 10w 1d means we're one day into the 10th week or finished with the 10th week and 1 day into the 11th week. Details, details! But until we get clarity I'm going to follow what the emails I keep getting say.

So... welcome to the 10th week everyone! Wednesdays have become very exciting for me these days since that is the first day of a new week. It's the day my ticker resets and we get a new fruit size. It's amazing. When we first started on this journey Butter Bean was the size of a poppy seed, and now he's the size of a PRUNE! Here's what my phone app says for this week:

The tenth week marks the beginning of a critical period in your baby's development when all the vital organs have formed and are beginning to function. Your baby is also growing tiny nails on the fingers and toes as well as tiny buds for teeth.

It's amazing to see how far we have come, from a few cells to finger nails in just over two months! Actually, from here on out, Butter Bean is doing growing than forming.

So, how am I doing? Great! I'm still experiencing very little morning sickness of any kind... as long as I eat every 2 hours or less that is. Which is not an easy task for this meal-skipper! This baby just doesn't understand that I don't like to eat breakfast! Oh well! I've decided that every pregnancy test should come packaged with a pack of Lance crackers because if the test is positive, you might as well put the crackers in your purse because you'll need 'em at some point! Ice water with a straw is still my nectar of the gods. I haven't had any real food cravings or aversions yet, although if I don't eat every 2 hours or less, then all food sounds gross, and I just have to make myself eat something. I have been wanting more ice cream lately, but I'm not sure that's a pregnancy thing. ;-)

I'm trying very hard to concentrate on eating foods with as few ingredients as possible. Yesterday I succeeded with a wonderful bag of grapes at my desk. I also keep non-roasted almonds at my desk and snack on those regularly, along with trail mix. Last night Jay made spaghetti with whole wheat noodles. (Which was so sweet of him to do while I napped on the couch and watched netflix!) I'm very thankful to have found some whole wheat noodles that I like. The other's I've tried have been worse than awful!

I weighed myself this morning and was very excited to see that I have only gained one pound since I found out I was pregnant. Now before you all jump on me for not gaining weight, the doctor and all the books say that it is not necessary to gain any weight during the first trimester due to the fact that the baby is so small! Any weight gained through the first trimester is actually from over eating (or bloat a pregnant woman's constant companion I've found out) and not due to the baby. In addition, I am over weight to start with so my weight gain goal will be less than others who start out at a more healthy weight. I was afraid that after going off of weight watchers when I found out I was pregnant, I would gain back the 8 lbs I'd lost very quickly, but apparently I've been doing better than I thought. I've tried to use the ideas I learned from weight watchers (like portion control and stopping when my body is full) while not restricting my calories or ignoring hunger. It must be working! Yay!

Jay is settling more and more into this thing called expectant fatherhood. He loves to rub my belly and talk to the baby at night. He's always charging the baby to take care of me, and harping on me to eat so the baby has something to eat. He continues to include the baby when he says he loves "us". This weekend I got a chance to see him in fatherhood action... and my heart just melted!

Some good friends of ours come up from Charleston to visit us this weekend. And with them came their 4 year old son, their 3 year old daughter, and their 9 month old son who is the newest addition, and the member we'd hadn't gotten to meet yet! Jay was so wonderful with them, as he always is, and I swear I fell in love with him even more as I watched him love on those kids. It is so nice to feel completely at peace with the person I've chose to be the father of my child. He is a wonderful friend, a wonderful husband, and already a wonderful father. I am truly blessed in so many ways.

So... here's to the 10th week and finally being in double digits! We are already one quarter of the way to seeing our little one. So many exciting things have happened already, and so many are still to come. Have a great week everyone!

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