Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Already so blessed!

We've only known we were pregnant for a couple of weeks now, but already we have been overrun with blessings, above and beyond the little one growing inside that is!

We have known for a long time, though, that we have some of the most amazing friends and family any two people could ask for. Because of the crazy lives we've lead, our "community" is spread out all over the country, from one coast to the other. But that doesn't stop us from being there for each other! This was never more evident than 2 1/2 years ago when we got married! The night before the wedding, as I sat at home looking over the wonderful collection of girlfriends I've accumulated over the years, I was so humbled by the effort that everyone of them had put into being there and supporting me on such an important day.

I've only been blessed with more wonderful friends in the last couple of years! And their generosity has already been overwhelming. Three friends are already talking about flying out for a baby shower later in the year. So, many people check in on me and the baby on a regular basis, and my experienced mother friends have all told me to call or text day or night if I need anything and have already been a wealth of knowledge. Others are already talking about helping host a shower.

Then the other day, my childhood BFF was talking to her younger sister. Her sister mentioned that she was getting ready to get rid of all her maternity clothes since they've decided that they are done having children. She said she wished she knew someone she could give them to that would really use them. My childhood BFF told her about my growing baby bump, and now we will probably not have to worry about purchasing many maternity clothes, if any at all!

A couple of days later, a friend of ours in California texted Jay and asked him if I could use a Medela Pump in Style breastpump? I about fell out! Jay didn't understand until I told him how much those go for new and how much they were even going for used on Criagslist.

Between that and the maternity clothes, our wonderful friends have saved us hundreds of dollars already! I'm just overwhelmed and so humbled by people generosity! We truly have the best friends and family any two people could ask for, and I feel so blessed that our baby will be born into such a supportive, generous community.

Here's to the start of the 8th week! Mama's little Butter Bean (pronounced Buttah Bean) is now the size of a large raspberry! Grow baby grow!

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