Friday, July 16, 2010

First Budget Baby Find

I've wanted this book for years, and years, and years. Basically since I decided that I wanted to have a baby. It has the most amazing images of the baby at each stage of development. And since I'm addicted to all the counters and updates, this will permanently be on our coffee table.
Well, Amazon had it for $39ish. In town, it would have been sold for the cover price of $45. I wanted it so, but I'm trying to save as much as possible and break my addiction to shopping and instant gratification (see yesterday's post for more on that).
So, I decided to think outside the box. I found it on Amazon used for $13 including shipping! Woohoo!! It shipped today and should be here in a week or so. I'm so excited! If you come over to my house when it comes in, be ready to be forced to look at it for a long time!
Here's to the first, of hopefully many, many, great budget baby finds over the next 7+ months!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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