Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wedding Day - Formal Pictures

After the ceremony... and all the hugging... we had to work fast because we could see that the storm that had been forecast was beginning to role in. I'll talk more about that in the reception update, though, because for now it was holding off!

With what I knew was going to be such a small wedding, I wanted a group shot of everyone. Don't give me too much credit though. This was not an original idea, but something that I had seen other girls on my wedding blogs do. It really gives an awesome overview of the entire wedding and I loved them.

I had originally thought that we could gather everyone down by the arbor which would allow the photographer to stand at the top of the hill and shoot down, therefore allowing for a wide view, but unfortunately the bend of the sidewalk and some trees got in the way so we decided to put everyone to the left and have the pond in the back ground.

It was so much fun having everyone in one shot. (Well, minus my brother and his girlfriend who were video taping and my dad and one of our other photography helpers who were taking pictures). But be aware that if you are one of those brides who has a hang up about everything being symmetrical then this might not be the right move for you since no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to get that many people to make a symmetrical shape. But I loved the outcomes and will probably be one of the only wedding pictures that will always be displayed in our home.

Then we moved over to the beautiful arbor to take some of the more formal shots.

First up was the entire wedding party.

Then it was the girls' turn. I love the one of us all laughing because that really sums up the entire wedding weekend for me. I laughed more in that weekend, then I think I ever have, and that's saying a lot. It was so amazing to have all of the girls who are important to me in the same place at the same time.

Then it was time for the dashing gentlemen.

Then came the Sluder Family's turn.

Then me and my parents.

And finally... the Bride and Groom.

About this point, right when we were finishing up, we realized that it was beginning to rain. Perfect timing!

Jessica helped corral everyone back into the facility, so that we could steal just a few minutes away to ourselves. This is something that I HIGHLY recommend that you plan into your schedule! The whole day of is such a whirlwind, the ceremony goes by so quickly, and then everyone wants to take your picture! Whether you plan to sneak away into a room in the back of the church while everyone is filing out of the sanctuary, or on the car ride to the reception site, or simply under the little awning outside the facility in the rain, make that commitment to set aside just a few minutes (15 is more than plenty, I would say) just for the two of you, to talk and share stories of the day and tell each other how you are feeling and how that moment was when you saw the other for the first time. Trust me... you won't be sorry you did! And your guests will be just fine without you for a few minutes!

Next up: The bride gets her party on at the reception

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