Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Riverdance Night

Jay and I saw Riverdance for the second time on Saturday. I was planning to write this long, introspective blog about how increadibly much life has changed since we saw it in 2000 and Saturday night, but that just got too long and intricate and complicated, so I've just decided to post the pictures, tell you about the night, and leave the introspection to you. :-)

So, the first time I saw Riverdance was the summer of 2000. Jay had gotten tickets from a friend and I enthusiasticly accepted his request. As a dancer, I could hardly wait. I got all dressed up and he came out and picked me up and the entire night was magical. I literally felt like a little girl on the edge of my seat holding my breath all night. I think Jay watched me more than the show. I have a tendency to get very animated when I get excited like that. :-) So, here we are in 2000 (Jay's going to kill me for putting this picture up. He hates it!)


Fast forward 9 years... through a loveless marriage and divorce, through a 6 year contract with the US Navy, through 12+ moves combined, two cross country drives, a year where we spent all of 7 days together, a Navy homecoming which is unlike anything most people will ever experience, a surprise proposal a few weeks later, a fun but stressful DIY (do-in-yourself) wedding 9 months later, and now almost a year of wedded bliss. I will admit, it's odd to be in the same apartment for more than a year. The normalcy has truthfully taken me some time to adjust to. But that's ok. If anyone knows me at all, they know that I never stay still for too long. Even if I were able to find a couple more hours in the day, I'd probably find some other charitable or political activity to fill it with.

But for one night, all that was put aside. For one night there were no emergency calls from the hosptial at 2am, there were no overwhelming work deadlines to make, no classes to teach. It was just me and the love of my life.

We got dressed up. (I bought a new dress since I've kind of grown out of all the black coctail dresses I have.) :-( I put on make up, faint and fall over!

Early in the afternoon, I asked if we could be ready in time to take some pictures before leaving. He was gracious enough to grant me my request, since he hates to have his picture taken. So, 9 years, and what feels like a lifetime later...



... here we are, attending the show the way it should have always been... married and in love!

I was so thankful to be with him. He opened my car door for me, and let me hold onto his arm while we walked through the parking lots, which was good because I've gotten very out of practice in walking in my stelettos. He told me a million times how beautiful I looked, and I told him a million times how handsome he looked. I was just so proud to be on his arm all night.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner and timed everything just right. FYI, if going to a restaurant that does not take reservations before going to a play, always get to dinner WAY earlier than you think you're going to need to. We got to dinner 2 1/2 hours before show time and it was perfect. We were able to enjoy dinner and dessert, not stress over the waiter dissapearing right when we were ready to cash out.


Oh yeah! I myspaced it right there in the restaurant! ;-) I may be all psycho b*tch about theater ettiquette but I have no shame when it comes to documenting our excursions for blogging purposes. :-)

Then we took pictures of each other to send to our parents so they could be included in our night, but I promised Jay I wouldn't post his.


And then we were able to not worried about the fact that there was a rodeo (yes, I said RODEO) going on in the arena that shares a parking lot with the auditorium. Man was that an odd crowd pairing. Huge trucks, with tight jean wearing cowboys, mixed with yuppies in suits and coctail dresses. At least it was easy to tell who was going where.

We ended up getting to will call about 20 minutes before the show started which was perfect. See, the theater is not like going to the movies. You can't just sneak in and grab an isle seat after the previews start. But don't get me started on theater ettiquette. That's an entire blog into itself which will most likely be coming soon!

The show was breathtaking! And I got a t-shirt to replace the one that I got 9 years ago and wore until the pitstains because so bad I had to give it up and reserve it as a work out shirt. :-( But now I have a new one. Expect a picture of it soon.

Once again, I sat on the edge of my seat most of the night breathless. It was wonderful! I am so glad that we got to see them since this was the finale tour. Now I just need to get the video so I can enjoy it anytime I want. Would make a great birthday or christmas gift. Hint, hint...hint, hint.

We didn't get out until after 10, which is totally late for this old married couple. I had to take my absolutely beautiful and painful shoes off in the car and just walked in to the apartment barefoot. Jay totally laughed at me.

Unlike the first time I saw Riverdance, this time I ended the night in the arms of my love, where I have always been meant to be. Thank you for a wonderful night, love. May this just be the first of the many wonderful times we have together over the years!

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