Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

So, last Wednesday, I told you about the Pinterest Challenge that Sherry over at Young House Love had extended. Well it's one week later and I'm happy to announce that I pretty much accomplished my missions!

Mission #1: Turkey Shirt

I bought a pack of white Gerber Onesies and washed them Friday night. I grabbed all the scrap fabric I had left over from decorating Turtle's nursery (which had already been washed), some fusible interfacing and the shapes Lindsey from The Cottage Home had so graciously included in her template and headed over to our friends' house to get started. 

We cut some squares of fabric and fused them to one side of the interfacing.

Then we traced the shapes on the paper side of the interfacing and cut out all the shapes. Then we pealed back the interfacing and ironed them down onto the shirt. Easy peasy!

Then I took just a little bit of embroidery floss and free handed some legs, eyes, and a beak. And there you go folks! A perfectly festive first Thanksgiving shirt for my baby girl.

And here she is, not so happily, modeling it for you all.

Mission #2: Paci Clips

This one was a little more tricky given my rusty sewing skills, and through this process I discovered that my sewing machine apparently needs a tune up! Since it was bought when I was in middle school and stored in eleventy billion closets since then, I guess it's not surprising.

So, first things first. I cut out 10 1/2" x 4" strips of fabric. And since I don't have a nice cutting ruler or rotary cutter, I used my trusty paper cutter to cut a template from cardstock. That made it easy to ensure that I was getting nice square strips.

Then I pressed under a 1/4" hem on the short ends.

At about this point, Turtle, my trusty side kick fell asleep! Light weight!

Then I pressed them all in half.

Then pressed the long raw edges into the middle.

Then I simply pressed them in half again.

Now... this is where it got tricky. My sewing machine is not wanting to advance the material at the beginning and ends... basically when there is only a little bit of material. So, I found myself pulling the material through to get it started all while trying not to sew my finger... oh and while a post-nap, energetic little one was trying to pull up on my peddle leg. Yeah, it was a bit of a challenge which is why the nice picture tutorial kinda takes a hike here. But basically...

You sew down each of the long sides. I attempted to line the material up with the inside of the pressure foot, but as you can see my stitches are not nearly as straight as the one in the awesome tutorial.

Then you slip one end through the suspender clip, fold it back over and sew it down. My machine really was not a fan of this part. (Mental note: find local sewing machine repair place.)

Then you cut a 5 1/5" piece of coordinating ribbon, keeping in mind that the ribbon will need to loop through the paci and back over the suspender clip so you don't want it to be too thick. Fold the ribbon over and tuck it into the open end.

Then simply sew that end closed, catching the ribbon.

And TADA! You're done!

It can now get covered in drool! Sometimes I swear my daughter prefers chewing on the clip to the paci.

So! How did everyone else's projects come out? I can't wait to see! You can head over to Young House Love's post to see all the projects linked up from the challenge.

P.S. If you want to check out all the projects done by the hosts of the Pinterest Challenge you can check them out here, here, and here.

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~Erin~ said...

There's a sewing shop in Stonecrest, to the left of the Target on Rea Rd. My mom has used it to get her machine repaired and said it was good. Much cuteness!!