Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekend Warriors: Amazing Maize Maze

As a family, we are weekend warriors. We work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends. This weekend we went to the Amazing Maize Maze. I've never done a corn maze, but our friend L loves them! So we all agreed to go. It was actually a blast and I can't wait to try it again next year. Especially now that I kind of know what to expect.

The maze was out at Rual Hills and after the maze we decided that the historic homesteads would be a great place to get some pictures.

Daddy tried out the Boba carrier too and really liked it.  Mama really liked we can now share the carrying responsibilities. Plus, is there anything more awesome than a man with a baby in a carrier?

There was a blacksmith there showing off his skills. 

And a little kitchen garden out by the homestead.

 The front porch made a great place for some pics.

The wind made it a little cold but other than that it was a perfect day!

So, what are the Weekend Warriors up to this next weekend? Well, hopefully a car meet on Saturday morning followed by a trip to the Renaissance Faire. The Ren Faire is something we do every year, and this year I'm so excited to include the Turtle. I think she'll love all the colors and music and activities. We'll see though. I'll make sure and update you all next week!


TheMamaShannon said...

the pic of you three on the porch is awesome!!!!! that should be your holiday card :)

and tell jay i'm digging the bearded man look LOL

Granggie said...

Oh I wish I could go there!
Loved the pictures and I agree that the porch pic should be your card and presents to others as well!