Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She Won't Eat Puffs, But She'll Eat Poop: The Scary Tale of a Halloween Night

I was going to post about our weekend adventures today, but this story is soooo much better. Halloween evening started off pretty hectic. I'd put off buying candy and had to stop on the way home from work. I picked up Turtle at my mom's and we headed straight to the house. The setting sun was my enemy and I was going to beat him! Thankfully, we got home, got Turtle dressed, got the candy in a bowl, and got settled on our blanket on the front lawn to take some pictures and greet trick or treaters.

Turtle was only marginally happy with being dressed up. And really wasn't a fan of her cinnamon bun head gear. But she wormed up to the idea after a while.

And she really doesn't understand the concept of the ubiquitous "facebook picture" yet.

"Mama. What are you doing?"

But she definitely got on board with the whole candy thing.

Although she wanted to drool on every piece before we gave them out. She said she was just making sure they weren't poison.

But soon it got too cold to hang outside, so we had to move the party inside. That's when things got interesting. I put the puppy in his crate and put a blanket down on the floor since I needed to vacuum but hadn't had time (and Turtle is deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner so doing it during the week is out.) I sat on the couch to find something to watch on hulu. Turtle crawled off the blanket and under the swing. I could see her but thought she was just intently watching the puppy which wouldn't be out of the ordinary. Well, when she didn't move for a few minutes I thought I'd crawl down there and stare at the puppy with her. When I got down there, I realized it look like she was sucking on something. So, I stuck my finger in her mouth and to my HORROR found puppy poop!!!!! OMG!!! Where she found it I have no idea.

I had absolutely NO idea what to do or how serious the situation was. So, I of course first googled it so see if any of my reputable sites had anything about it not being a big deal. Truthfully I was hoping to not have to call anyone and admit what had happened. When all I could find were message board posts, I finally got on the phone and called the pediatrician's after hours number. While I'm on hold my cell phone battery starts dying and I have to plug in upstairs. At this point I've turned off our front porch light but upon hearing kids ringing our door bell and banging on the door, I realize that I've left the side porch light on since we leave that one on all the time. So, I unplug long enough to turn that light off while Turtle screams since I've left her in her crib alone and obviously I'm leaving her forEVER!

I tell the on call service that I have an 8 month old daughter who has eaten what I believe to be puppy poop and I have NO idea what to do! After giggling and telling me that I've made her night (thanks!) she says she'll have a nurse call me back. Shortly there after she calls me back and says that the nurse recommended connecting me to Poison Control (Duh! Why didn't I think of that!). So, I tell the Poison Control operator what has happened and she asks me a bunch of questions, "Is the baby healthy? Is this your dog? Inside or outside dog? Is the dog healthy?" Eventually, she tells me that as gross as it is, this is fairly common and as long as the dog is healthy and the baby is healthy Turtle should be just fine. Just keep an eye on her and let the pediatrician know if she starts having problems.


I think I breathed for the first time in like an HOUR! Needless to say, we battoned down the hatches at went straight to bed. Mama was tired from all that! Sorry trick or treaters! So, there ends my first call to Poison Control. I'm pretty sure it won't be our last. But with this face, how could I be mad at her for long? Hope your Halloween was less eventful than ours!


~Erin~ said...

OMG that is hilarious! Love that face, how could anyone be mad at that?!?! I can't believe she won't eat puffs, lol.....Andrew would eat a container a day if we'd let him, he loves him some puffs!

Rsymphony said...

Oh no! I’m glad everything turned out okay; I’ve only had to call poison control one time and that was for Kylie, she had eaten an entire bottle of teething tablets ;) Thankfully they’re perfectly natural and safe :)
Yes, Lily…or I should say Princess Leia…would have fit in perfectly over at our house ;) Oh my goodness! She is seriously too cute in her little costume! Just precious!

Granggie said...

too funny, Bonnie!
What a night to remember!
Lily is the cutiest Princess Leia ever!