Monday, September 12, 2011

And She's Back in the Game!

I don't know about you guys, but we had a very productive weekend around our house.  I think it's probably a good sign that my meds are starting to kick in and even me out which I am very thankful for. They are evening me out on the low end of things, but my doctor is keeping an eye on that and it's still much better than the crushing depression I was experiencing a few weeks ago.  But before I get into this weekend, I need to introduce you to your next addiction.

You might have noticed a new button on the right side of the blog.  Pinterest is the most amazing thing evah! And I'm so not exaggerating! It's basically a virtual bulletin board that you can "pin" things to that you are "interested" in.  Hence Pinterest. See how they did that? I love these people! Have you ever been surfing the web (not on work hours!!) and stumbled across the perfect gift for someone and thought, "This is perfect, but I'm never going to remember this in x months for their birthday/christmas/going away party/baptism/monday." Well, no longer my friend! Now when you find something you can "pin" it to one of your boards.  And then when a special occasion (or a Friday) comes around you have multiple gift ideas to choose from.

Want to redecorate but not good at envisioning how things would look together?  Pin them to your board and see all the elements in one place!  Want to plan a wedding or shower for someone? Pin ideas you find all over the web to a board and see what looks good together.  Want to find your "style"?  Pin looks you like and then look back over them.  The common elements are probably your style.

But it's not only a great place to save links, you can also scroll through the thousands of pins other people have put on their boards. It's like the mother ship of awesome! Recipes, fashion, crafting, decorating ideas, DIY tutorials, awesome quotes... the list is endless.

Ok, so I figure you've got the point now, but in case you haven't, I'm just going to come right out and say it... Get thee to Pinterest! If you need an invitation leave your email in the comments or email it to me (email in my profile).

The only problem is, it's easy to scroll through (again, NOT at work) and pin hundreds of ideas and never get around to doing any of them. So, this weekend, my friend Laura and I decided we were going to change that. We chose three recipes and I chose a crafting project I could do at her house, we enlisted the boys to help wrangle the girls, and we got down to work!

By 7pm on Saturday we had...

2 loafs of Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread found here on Pinterest

4 loafs of Pumpkin Pound Cake found here on Pinterest (supposed to be a bunt cake but we made into loafs)

And 1 Tutu!

And I don't have a single picture to show for it! Bad blogger!!! Oh well. I'll get some pics of the tutu soon I'm sure. It was really a trial run since I want to make something similar for Turtle's Halloween costume. I did learn that tulle makes my OCD kick in and it drives me nuts when it's not all going in the right direction!

The tag team baking was awesome! Lauren and I made a great team and the kitchen was even clean by the time we were done. Turtle got cranky when we were first starting and refused to go to sleep with Daddy, so I borrowed Lauren's Ergo and put her on my back. After getting use to the novelty of being back there, she fell right asleep and Jay was able to take her. We are even thinking of doing a tag team freezer meal weekend sometimes soon.

Additionally, this weekend I got some work done in our spare room which has been where every random thing we've ever owned is thrown in. I'm planning to move my craft room upstairs into the spare room for two reasons. 1) I want to make my craft room a play room and 2) leaving my crafting stuff in there creates nothing short of a baby death trap! So, I'm really looking forward to creating my craft space/guest room as well as the play area.

Whew! I'm excited just typing everything we got done this weekend! What did you guys do? Hopefully there will be lots of photos to follow. And I'm going to be catching up on all the stuff that's gone down over the last few weeks!


TheMamaShannon said...

that loaf looks so delicious... i want to eat it

Granggie said...

Glad "you're back"!