Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Turtle!

For Turtle's 6 Month birthday, I decided we'd go out to a local park and take some pics.  Unfortunately, I always seem to miss her super happy just-woken-up time and by the time I've gotten us dressed and out to take pics she in her grumpy-need-a-bottle-and-nap time, but we still got some good pics.

She really loved the swings, but yeah, she totally tried to eat them. ICK!! Note to self, bring disinfecting wipes next time!

She also loved the rocky horse, but I think more than anything she just wanted to eat him too. She teething, can you tell???

Forever Daddy's daredevil!

She was nice enough to stand and get some pictures with her Mama, too.

I love this look! It's says, "Who?? Me???" I fear we are in trouble as she gets older!

And this is her "I am woman hear me roar" face!

You can tell she's getting tired here. She does that with her mouth all the time and I always think it makes her look like a little bird. A chubby little bird, but you know. :-)

Then Mama fixed her catywompas flower and took a few on the blanket. And we ended up with one of my favorites so far...

The arm rolls! The chubby cheeks!! LOVE!! Happy belated 1/2 birthday, Turtle!

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Granggie said...

Love them! Thanks so much for sharing; feel like I'm watching her grow up too!
She is SUCH a cutie!