Friday, September 30, 2011

The Perscription for a Rough Morning...

... more cowbell Turtle videos!

It's been a rough morning.  There's a store about a little girl killed by her mother going around Facebook. One of those "put this up on your status for an hour if you're against (fill in the blank cause)".  I'm ok with the story but along with it is a gruesome picture of a little tiny, innocent girl about Turtle's age all beat up. I've seen these sorts of things before but never as a mother. It hit me so hard and not just the injustice of the abuse but the re-victimization of this poor little girl who now has the worst day of her short life being paraded around the Internet so that people can look socially aware in front of their friends!

Don't get me wrong. I understand the use of shocking images to get people's attention. Victims pictures are a staple of domestic violence awareness ad campaigns, you know what the difference is? Those are adults who have given their consent and chosen to have their images used. Where did this little girl's picture come from? Who gave consent and how can people parade her broken face in front of others. As a former domestic violence volunteer who took those hospital pictures I know how those are supposed to be kept under lock and key.  They are never intended for public consumption. I know people have good intentions but the little girl looks a little bit like Turtle and my heart brakes for her. If I thought the image would make any change I would understand but these arbitrary Facebook status campaigns really do absolutely nothing for victims which is why I never participate. If you want to do something to forward a cause: donate money, volunteer with an organization making a difference or even just speak up in a group when someone makes a domestic violence "joke". Don't hide behind your computer and think you are really making a difference.

Sorry to rant, but there have been a few of these going around lately. The worst part is often these are used as propaganda to promote a certain agenda and the exploitation is just more than I can handle today!

So... now that I have that out of my system. Here's is your daily dose of awesome! Turtle has a new nickname: Tiger Lily. I think after watching the following video you'll understand why. I know it's on it's side but I've been trying to get this on video for weeks and by the time I'd restarted the camera she had stopped. So, let's all throw caution to the wind, tilt our heads to the side and look crazy! Enjoy!

I swear we are going to rent her out to death metal bands! She needs to start earning her keep somehow! Happy Friday everyone!

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Granggie said...

so that's "owl lingo"!
Thought she was communicating rather well!

Have you a "sercy" tomorrow!
(means a "surprise", a term from my college days. Sounds very intelligent, right?)