Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programing...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing of fart stories and letters to the rubber ducky maker people to introduce you to an awesome new blogger. The Mama Shannon is one of the funniest women I know. Her ability to retain her sense of humor (and amazing style) in the face of some extremely challenging circumstances really gives me something to strive for. Shannon is a single mother of two beautiful children. Her oldest, Olin, now 6 years old was diagnosed with sever autism at the age of 2. Instead of wallowing in self-pity she has risen to the occasion, learning everything she can about autism and becoming her son's biggest advocate and cheerleader. Shannon also has a daughter named Ruby who is 2 going on 22 and her antics are priceless.

So, how did I come to recommend you add this blog to your probably already over crowded Google Reader? Well, Shannon is one of my best friends although we've never actually met in real life.

The short story is: she used to be married to one of Jay's old Navy buddies.

The long story goes like this: Shannon married one of Jay's best friends in the early years of his Navy career. Jay spent many nights hanging out at Shannon's house and she was kind of the designated Mama of all these ragamuffin sailors. Olin is like Jay's adopted "first born" since he spent so much time at their house and helped out a lot after he was born. Shannon even introduced him to the girl he was seeing when we got together (or that I stole him from depending on who you ask). ;-) This combined with the fact that Shannon and her family had moved back to California before I moved to Virginia combined to mean that we never actually met. Over the years though, through Facebook and text messaging. We've gotten to be very good friends and it's a little scary how similar we are. One of us will post about how we like something totally obscure (and usually dorky) and the other will comment on how much we like that too. She's really introduced me to the autism issue and I've gained so much knowledge and understanding through reading her posts and the things she links to. It's because of her humor and perspective that I'm so glad she has decided to enter the world of blogging. Hop on over to her blog My Not-So-Mundane Life and see what you think. You won't be sorry.

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