Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bringing Home Baby: A Series

As I mentioned in a recent post, one of my besties is pregnant and it has really caused me to reflect on what I've learned over the past year and change. So, I've decided to start a series called Bringing Home Baby because writing it all in an email is just not nearly as much fun. I'm considering this post the first in the series.

Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is overwhelming.The baby gear industry alone has exploded in the last few years. A friend of mine just had a baby and was amazed (and kind of appalled) by how much more stuff there is now for babies than there was just 6 years ago when her daughter was born. My mom is amazed by the maternity clothing options we have now. She used to wrap a hair band around the button hole in her jeans so she could wear them a little longer. Now there is a whole line of products to do that for you.

As a very decisive person, I was shocked to find myself so adrift when it came to what Turtle needed. My mom says it's a drawback of our information saturated society. Sometimes too much information leads to confusion instead of clarity. I tackled our baby registry with the same fervor as I would a college research project... and about drove myself crazy!

Just like planning a wedding, preparing for a baby is all about priorities. So that's why in the next little bit, you'll see posts about registering, what you need to bring the baby home vs. what can wait, new vs. used, and what I thought would be important vs. what actually became important.

Before we get started though, there is one major thing you must know. The most important thing I've learned since becoming a mother is this simple truth: Every baby is different, every mother is different, and every day is different. So, what worked for me and Turtle may not work for you. Something I deem to be a must-have may be on your useless list and vise versa. For instance, I think wipes warmers are a complete waste of time but our good friends swear by theirs because cold wipes make their daughter pee for sure. So, take everything I say with a grain of salt. This is what worked for me, Jay and Turtle.

And just as a general note. When it comes to baby gear there is a wonderful book called Baby Bargains that I recommend for anyone having a baby. It really helped me, and a lot of people I know, sift through the crap and find the diamonds. It ranks different baby gear, lets you know what companies have had the most recalls, and gives you options in different price ranges. I clung to it like it was a life raft.

I hope you enjoy this series and I promise I'll still post plenty of pictures of Turtle while I'm at it.

Bringing Home Baby:
1) Introduction
2) A Pregnancy Must Have List

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