Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Rubber Ducky Maker People

Dear Rubber Ducky Maker People,

On a recent trip to my local Target (long live Target), I decided that what my baby daughter desperately needed to make her bath time complete was one of your delightful products. My eye was immediately drawn to one I thought was a female superhero. Upon further inspection, I realized that she was in fact a cheerleader. Ok, not the role model I'd like to have for my baby daughter's bathtime, but no big deal. As I looked for alternative "girl" ducks, I was shocked to find my options limited to the above mentioned cheerleader, a princess, and a mermaid (complete with seashell string bikini top). To my horror, I also discovered that the "boy" ducks were a fire fighter, a police officer, and a cowboy (all fully clothed). Now, I know I have been accused of being one of "those" feminist types, and sometimes a rubber ducky is just a rubber ducky, but I am appalled by your pigeon ducky-holing of young girls into roles based primarily on their looks while encouraging boys to be heroic and productive members of society. I am outraged by your utter lack of postive female role model rubber duckies! I demand that this problem be resolved!

Concerned Mother

Needless to say, we went with a plain, old fashioned, yellow rubber ducky. Which Turtle seems to have no interest it other than chewing on the packaging it came in. :-/


Granggie said...

Interesting way of "putting it"!
Enjoyed your verbiage! :)
What ARE those rubber ducky maker people thinking!

bonniebelle said...

Why thank you. Curtsey. :-)