Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's My Name Again... (Week 2)

  1. Bullet points are my friend...
  2. Still having problems with low supply
  3. Still trying to breastfeed/pump and supplement with formula
  4. Feeling very conflicted about continuing to breastfeed
  5. Was able to see my therapist and start processing the birthing experience
  6. Pediatrician appointment went well and Little Bit is gaining weight nicely. We were given the go ahead to make our one month appointment.
  7. Got to attend our friends' baby shower and Lily was the hit of the party.
  8. Getting some sleep but not much
  9. Little Bit doesn't really like to sleep in her co-sleeper so she ends up in our bed most nights
  10. Jay goes back to work next week. Trying not to think about it because I'll start crying.
  11. Really, really, really enjoyed having him home for the past couple of weeks. Loving lazy mornings spent snuggling in bed as a family.
And some more cuteness for the road.

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