Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Cakes (Week 4)

I mean really... how flippin' cute is she? I really think he gets cuter every single week! Or maybe it's just because I'm coming out of the sleep deprivation fog. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm getting any more sleep. It's just that I'm starting to adjust to it. Hehe.  

This week was fun! Tuesday Lily and I went to see my Childhood BFF and her family. This was the first time her kids were meeting Lily. We all had such a good time although there is only so much gross post-partum stuff you can discuss with little kids running in and out of the room. 

The kids were all great with Lily and it was nice to pick the brain of such a veteran mom.

Tuesday was also Jay and my anniversary but with it being mid-week we decided to wait until the weekend to really celebrate. I did sneak a card into his work truck the night before so that he found it when he headed out to work that morning.

Thursday was St. Patrick's day and I had purchased a special onesie for Ms. Lily Lou. She has a lot of celtic blood so it was only fitting that she get decked out.

Unfortunately, since she's such a little bit the onesie was a little too big, but it was still worth it since we had to celebrate her first St. Patrick's day, even if we didn't have any where to go.

I'm becoming quite the domestic goddess as well. Not that my house is super clean, but it's more picked up then it's been in a really long time and it's getting cleaner. But mostly, I've been making sure that we eat dinner at home to save money during my maternity leave when I'm not making any income. It actually works out really well because Jay wants to cuddle with Lily when he gets home giving me the opportunity to make dinner. I usually hate making dinner at the end of the day but it's nice to have my hands free for a few minutes and I like feeling like I'm contributing in this way.

On Saturday, Grandma babysat the Little Bit so that we could go out for our anniversary. We decided to go to PF Changs which is where we ate the night of our wedding 3 years ago. Mom offered to watch the baby for the night, but we decided that would be too much so we compromised and went to a movie after dinner and then back home. It was nice to get some time just the two of us, but I really missed Lily and was so glad to get back to her when the night was over.

Here's us on our wedding day...

And here we are just 3 short years later...

A little older, a little heaver, and exponentially happier! I am the luckiest girl in the world and love this man more today then I did when I met him 14 years ago or when I married him 3 years ago. I can't wait to see how wonderful our life is this time next year.

I'll leave you with your weekly dose of cuteness. Have a great day everyone!


Granggie said...

wonderful pictures!
So enjoy watching Miss Lily grow!
Happy Anniversary!

Jessica said...

Lily is so cute - I love the pictures. Cooking dinner is sometimes the highlight of my day, I know exactly what you mean!!