Sunday, March 13, 2011

Survival is the Name of the Game (Week 1)

I figured I'd start you out with some adorableness before I get all wordy! I mean, how flipping cute is she?!?!? I know I'm a little biased, but still...  The title says it all... the first week is all about survival. I know everyone told us this but you really just don't understand until you're there yourself.

Our time in the hospital was awesome. We had great nurses that helped us learn how to take care of Lily. She gave us a little bit of a scare in those first couple of days. She was coughing up left over stuff from being in the womb but didn't know how to spit it out when she got it up, so she was holding her breath. The first time she did it and turned purple we all freaked out! Thankfully the nurse came in quickly and showed us how to suction out her mouth with the sucky thing. The pediatrician commented on it that first morning. She said that it was fairly common but they would be keeping an eye on her and wouldn't send her home until she "knocked it off". :-) She also said that Ms. Lily was voted the most beautiful baby in the nursery that morning at rounds. Hehe! :-D But of course!

One of the best decisions we made while in the hospital was to send Little Miss to the nursery for a few hours each night. Between us being up for over 36 hours and her holding her breath we were afraid we wouldn't wake up if she started having problems breathing. It was awesome to get a couple of hours of uninterupted sleep! Although I love that babies are kept with the parents now and rooming in is awesome, this is one of the best decisions we made the whole time we were in the hospital and I highly recommend it to new parents.

The second day Dan and Shannon come over with Luke and brought us Olive Garden. Due to the indigestion in the 3rd trimester, I had to give up pretty much everything with tomatoes in it and since marinara sauce is one of my favorite things I had been saying for a long time that after I delivered I wanted Cheese Ravioli and marinara sauce as one of my first meals. We had such a good time sitting around eating and talking about how beautiful Lily is!

I'll admit though, when we were ready to leave the hospital I was a little apprehensive. I had been so thankful for all the nurses that I was a little scared to come home and be on our own. But we put on her "going home" outfit and strapped her into the carseat for the first time.

Mom met us at the house and whipped up a quick lunch so we could get settled in. But she stole some Lily cuddles while she was here.

By the end of the day I was in so much pain trying to breastfeed that I called and made an appointment with the Lactation Consultant for the next day. We loaded Little Bit up and took her for her first outing. She did great and looked so adorable in her outfit!

Unfortunately, the appointment wasn't that helpful except to say that it's gonna hurt like hell for a little while. One nipple was bruised and the other was starting to crack. I lasted until the weekend and then started to pump. The problem was when I started pumping I was only getting 1 oz to 1 1/2 oz per session. Because the pediatrician wanted to see her getting at least 2 oz per feeding it was recommended that we start supplementing with formula. :-( This was a difficult blow for me as breastfeeding was very important to me and I really wanted the experience. But the most important thing was that Lily get the nutrition that she needed.

So, that's the highlights of the first week. I promise I'm going to get all caught up here soon. But before I let you go... here's some more cuteness!

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