Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 16 Belly Pictures

Sorry I'm a little late getting these up. Wednesday night we ended up going out to dinner, plus I was too tired to go by the store and get an avocado for the picture. But without further ado... I give you... my 16 Week Preggo Belly.

And yes, that is my best Power Ranger stance! I'm the Preggo Power Range and growing people is my super power! Rarh!
Anyway, in other news, Round Ligament Pain is super fun!! ;-) RLP is one of those things they don't tell you about. Thankfully, my friend experienced it a couple of weeks ago, so when I started getting this shooting, lightening-bolt like pain on one side deep in my tummy, she was able to confirm that it is in fact RLP, which was nice because I wasn't dying. Actually, it's not that bad at all. Annoying more than anything. Basically, it's the ligaments that hold your uterus in place stretching and straining as your uterus grows and changes shape. It's perfectly normal although a little annoying, and I'm sure quite painful for some women.
Jay is so flipping adorable! He found out the other day that supposedly the Butter Bean's ear drums are functioning and can now hear us. So, now he gets really close to my belly and talks into my belly button like it's a megaphone or something! Which is at least better than the last few weeks/months when he's insisted on putting his finger in my belly button saying that he's "plugging into the baby". ::eye roll:: He's too cute!

One of the coolest things about being pregnant, and one of the things I haven't mentioned here yet (because she hadn't announced it on her blog) is that my Bestie is pregnant too! After trying for almost a year, and about giving up, she got her positive pregnancy test in June! About two weeks later, I got our surprise positive too! I couldn't believe the luck! In fact when we were in that am I pregnant or am I just running a day late stage, I couldn't even bring myself to wish it true because I knew the chances were so slim. But here we are! She's due about 2 weeks before me, and it is so nice to have someone else going through the same thing as I am! She'll have her anatomy scan next week, although she can't tell anyone what the sex of the baby is until her husband comes home from the training thing he's at right now. So, it'll be a week and a half later before I found out, but still! I think I'm just about as excited to find out what she's having as I am to find out what we're having! I am so happy that she is finally pregnant! and I'm so happy that I am finally pregnant! And the the opportunity to be pregnant together is just a blessing beyond belief! We've both been so busy this summer that we haven't been able to get together, but next Saturday my mom is taking me on a quick day trip to the beach for my birthday. We just happen to be going within an hour or so of her house so she will be meeting us on the way and going to the beach with us. I can't wait to see her!
Happy Friday everyone! The Greek Festival is going on in my town this weekend so I'll be introducing the baby to Baklava and Gyros! Woohoo! Have a great weekend everyone!

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