Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh Fairy Godmother!

I'm putting together a registry list for my girlfriend entitled: Turtle Production's Sanity Saving Registry List and it's got me thinking about some of the stuff I'd love to have. Most of it I'd never buy for myself, but if a fairy godmother dropped any of these on my door, I'd be more than happy to take them. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some Friday daydreaming eye candy.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cross Town Clutch in Frolocking In Fez

It's basically a diaper bag that's just big enough to hold some diapers, wipes, changing pad, and your lipstick. It's the diaper bag equivalent of the evening bag. After lugging around my big (but awesome!) diaper bag for 6 months, I'm fantasizing about having something smaller. Especially since I'm often times carrying Turtle too. But alas, at $89 (gulp!)... Oh Fairy Godmother!

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Edition Ergo in Peaceful Portofino

Yes, I've developed quite a crush on most things Petunia Pickle Bottom. I'm late to the game since I wasn't a fan of their boxy backpack style diaper bag everyone else seemed to drool over, but have now fallen in love with their style and prints. This one might be mine one of these days. I've had my eye on an Ergo since before Turtle was born, but at over $100, we just haven't had the money yet. This one is just a bit more than the original. Maybe one day. Although if I get this one, I'm pretty much eliminating any chance that Jay will use it.

A Maya Wrap Ring Sling in Olive or Chocolate


After this weekend, I think a Maya Wrap ring sling may be exactly the carrier I need right now. Turtle does NOT like to be snuggled into my chest unless she is very sleepy and even then she fights it. This makes it super easy to do a hip carry or even a back hip carry. It's fast, it's simple, I've heard it's comfortable, we shall see. At $68ish, maybe sometime soon.

Baby Jogger City Mini in Green
In all of my stroller research, this is the coolest stroller I've ever seen. It closes with only one hand by pulling on a handle in the seat. I've wanted it from the first time I saw it, but at $240 it was always a little too rich for our blood. Having spent over $100 on a used stroller that doesn't roll very well, I really wish I would have just saved up for this one. Ah, maybe one day!
Chico Liteway in Fuego

In the slightly more attainable category is the Chicco Liteway. It's an awesome umbrella stroller that is super light weight, folds up easily, has a small "foot print", and an almost flat recline. After dealing with our less than perfect stroller, I'm fantasizing about something smaller and easier to maneuver.

You Are My Sunshine Sign

Oh the beauty! Oh the deliciously vintage-y beauty! And with all the yellow walls in our house I'd have a hard time deciding where to put it. There are so many possibilities.

Julia Style Vera Bradley Bag in Sittin' in a Tree
And since I'm trying to remind myself that I'm something other than a mom, here's one just for me! This new shape from Vera Bradley has had me swooning from the first moment I saw it. I love the vintage boxy styling and since they've discontinued my favorite print it's on sale on their website. Oh Jay...!

What are you lusting over? Anything fun? Happy Friday everyone!


Granggie said...

Hey, I would use it as a purse!

~Erin~ said...

OMG! You must share where you found the You Are My Sunshine one!!! That is our favorite song :-D (except we modify it to say You Are My SONshine :-P) tehe!! It's so cute though, I am definitly lusting over that!

bonniebelle said...

Thanks Debby! And Erin it's from here: Not cheap, but totally awesome!

TheMamaShannon said...

you should just paint the you are my sunshine pic yourself!!!! canvas is so cheap at michaels LOL.

bonniebelle said...

@theMamaShannon: Ha ha! That's funny that you think I could paint that! There's a reason I love my computer so much!