Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before and After

I'm working on a post about my family trip last weekend, but it's not quite finished yet. I found these pictures though and thought they were super fun.

This is me taking some maternity pics of my cousin last October. I was 19/20 weeks pregnant with Turtle.

And this was last weekend. When I found out that my cousin's photographer wasn't coming to the house to take any getting ready pictures, I grabbed my camera, popped Turtle on my back (so she couldn't get to my camera which she really wanted to play with) and we went to work.

As much as my life has changed since Turtle was born, I'm so thankful that I'm still able to do the things I truly love. And one of the things I loved most about my upbringing was how my parents folded us into their favorite activities (concerts, festivals, hiking, etc.). I loved feeling like a part of their lives instead of the end of it, and I want Turtle to feel like that too.

And as a quick update, I'm feeling a little better, today. Hopefully, the tide of chemicals in my brain has shifted. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement.

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Granggie said...

happy to hear you're feeling better! :)