Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's Still Got It Folks (Week 7)

This week I got to do something I love doing and something I haven't done since finding out I was pregnant. I got to plan and throw a party. It was awesome! See there seems to be something in the water in our circle of friends. Including me, we have 5 friends who are either pregnant or just had a baby. One of them is my friend Beth whose wedding I helped plan last year. She has four girls from a previous marriage, and I had been cheering for her and her new husband to get pregnant for months this past summer. I was so excited to hear that they had gotten pregnant and ecstatic that after 4 girls she was finally having a boy.

Against Beth's insisting, her best friend decided to throw her a baby shower, and I got to host it at my house. It was so much fun to be able to be creative again. After being so amazingly exhausted pretty much the entire pregnancy, it felt good to have the energy to do some projects. I'll admit, most everything I did was copied directly from some of my favorite blogs, but for my first event after almost a year hiatis I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, I was so busy getting everything ready I forgot to take any pictures, so you all will have to wait until I get pictures from the other co-host.

Thankfully, Ms. Lily helped by sleeping a lot this past week. She is still sleeping from around 11ish till 5ish. It's been really nice and I hope it keeps up after I go back to work. We are starting to get into a routine during the day too. We are also starting to get more adept at soothing her in the evenings.

Having been without my income for almost two months now, we are starting to get really tight on money but we are also learning to live more simply. I'm cleaning out the freezer and using the food we have at the house. One thing I am looking forward to about going back to work is the added income.

Well, this is a short update, but it was a rather uneventful week other than the party. I promise to post pictures as soon as I see some. Have a great week everyone!

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Granggie said...

Heard you outdid yourself for the shower for Beth!
April really bragged on you and I need your BBQ recipe and the potato salad one too!
Hate I missed it!
You really have the gift!