Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Thoughts On a Friday

So, I'm horribly behind on this week's update. Oops. I have it mostly written, it's just that I've been too busy/lazy to download the weekly pictures off the camera. Oh well. I'll get to it eventually, and I really want to start posting shorter more frequent posts anyway. Those weekly marathon posts get overwhelming to read (and write). So, anyway...

Today I am exhausted! It's been a busy week. I've been working on a project that will be used as decoration for the Welcoming tomorrow and then used in Turtle's room. That has taken up a lot of my time in the evenings. Then on Wednesday Turtle had her 2 month appointment and got her first big round of shots. When I got home from work she was super-duper cranky, slightly feverish, and her legs were sore. Our pediatrician had recommended that we avoid giving her anything if possible since it's best for her little body to fight the vaccine in order to build up the immunity to the disease. So, I quickly abandoned my plans for the evening and spent the rest of the night with Turtle sleeping on my chest.

I'm happy to say that I finished my project last night and it looks almost as good as I hoped. I'm looking forward to getting it up into her room. Tonight I have even more stuff to get. Today I got my first post-maternity leave pay check! Woot Woot! We've been living on a wing and a prayer for the last 9 weeks so it feels nice to have my salary coming in again. I held off buying stuff for the Welcoming until today though so I have to stop at the party store and the grocery store on the way home to get the supplies. Then tonight I'm making cupcakes for the party so they will cool before I have to ice them tomorrow.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what Turtle's personality will be like. I wonder if she is showing hints of it now or if she will be completely different? Will I look back and say, "You've been like that since the time you were born?" But I won't remember what she was like if I don't write it down, so, Turtle, here are my personality predictions.

Independent: I've learned recently that sometimes you get to were you are just over being held. Sometimes you will be super fussy but if we will put you down on your back beside us on the couch or on your changing table you stop crying and start smiling. You also love to spend time in your crib, on your changing table, or in your bassinet just looking around. You are very good at entertaining yourselves a lot of the time and don't need someone right there entertaining you every minute of the day. We are also extremely lucky in that not only do you sleep through the night, but if we will put you down when you are sleepy but not asleep, you will coo and talk to yourself until you have put yourself to sleep without any problems.

You know what you want and aren't afraid to demand it: You love watching your owls on your mobile and the birdies on your swing fly around. When they stop, you aren't shy about expressing your displeasure with them. :-) If you are in your swing and grandma or I are in the kitchen we know when the cycle is over and the birdies have stopped because you will start yelling at them. We we start them back up you go right back to watching and talking.

Observant: You love to look around and if we put you on our shoulders and you aren't tired you lift your head up so you can see better. Now you've even started pushing up with your hands and arms. You love to sit facing outward so that you can see everything and everyone and really enjoy all the cool things to look at in your nursery. You also love looking at the bright colored pictures in the books grandma likes to read to you.

Pleasant: Overall you are a very happy baby crying mostly when you are hungry, wet, or too tired. You give out lots of smiles and mommy gets lots of coos and "talking" in the morning.

Outgoing: You will pretty much let anyone hold you and are often times even more calm and smiley when we are out with people you don't get to see very often.

We'll see if these are indicators of what her personality will be when she's older or not. I can't wait to watch as she develops into the person she's meant to be! Happy Friday everyone!

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