Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Eggplant, A Cauliflower, and a New Crib (Week 27)

Yep, that's right. Still about the size of an eggplant. Lily should be about 14.5 inches long this week, which is about the size of the head of a cauliflower. She should weight about 2 lbs too. Wow! No wonder her movements keep getting stronger and more noticeable. I thought my mom was going to get to feel her this weekend. She was bouncing all around in there, but just like the game she likes to play with daddy, she hid from grandma too. Oh well. Soon enough.

So what else is up with Ms. Lily this week?

"This week your baby looks like a thinner, redder, more wrinkled version of what she will look like at birth, but in the next few weeks more fat will fill out her appearance.  Your baby's immune system is continuing to mature as are her lungs which are still practicing breathing amniotic fluid."

How's Mommy doing?

I'm doing very well, which continues the trend over the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure if it's really the effects of the Hypnobabies or if my hormones have shifted as we finish up the 2nd trimester or maybe I'm just learning to manage better without the medication. Whatever is happening though, I'm all for it. I find myself stressing and worrying less than I did earlier in the pregnancy. There are quite a few girls on my boards who are being put on bedrest or diagnosed with gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. Two girls have even given birth to premmies. I would have expected that I would be terrified of these things myself. But I'm not. I know that there is nothing I can do about them, other than what I'm already doing and worrying about them won't make it any easier. This is nothing new or earth shattering, but for some reason my hormones/brain chemistry seems to be playing nicely and allowing me to not worry at the moment. That could change at any time though, so who knows.

This weekend was really awesome! Super busy! But awesome! We spent most of Saturday over at some new friends that we met through our Hypnobabies class. They are about 8 weeks behind us. It was so fun to get to know them and be able to talk babies, pregnancy, birthing, and being new home owners.

Then Sunday, I got a burr under my saddle that I wanted to go to IKEA to look at some dressers for the baby's room. Jay declined after seeing that my mom was available to go with me. We had such a good time. We talked and dreamed and designed the nursery and had coffee and cake in the restaurant. I pretty much want one of everything in their baby department. But while we were there, we found out that they are in the process of discontinuing the crib I want in the color I want!! OMG!! Having no idea who much longer it would be available at our store (IKEA doesn't do a lot of Internet sells), and given the relatively inexpensive price tag ($99), I texted Jay to see if I should go ahead and pick one up. He said, "yes" as long as I got someone to help put it in the car and didn't try to lift it myself.

I was soooooo excited!!! We've bought a few of the bigger items off of Craigslist but this was our first brand new baby purchase, and constitutes the official beginning of our nursery! Even better... Jay put it together that very night!! I helped!!! But he kept yelling at me. He's always afraid I'm going to lose my balance and fall or try to pick something up that's too heavy for me. He's wonderful!

Here it is in the box!

And here is the obligatory shot of the pregnant mommy standing in front of the crib!

We're still trying to figure out how to set up the nursery. We will actually be taking that swing downstairs to the living room and exchanging it for our Poang chair from IKEA.  for when we want to bounce/rock her. But for now, we use that chair and don't really have any extra room in the living room to put the swing. I have to clean off the changing table (which I use as a storage piece in my craft room) so Jay can put a fresh coat of paint on it. I wouldn't recommend buying a dedicated changing table because they aren't really useful after the baby comes (unless you're me and use it as an extra organizational piece for craft supplies or as a drink cart for dinner parties), but this one was left by the previous owners of our house who didn't want to pack it up. And free is always my favorite price!

I'm hoping to get to Jo Ann's very soon to start getting fabric so I can start on the bedding and some of the decorative pieces for the room. It's amazing how everything is coming together. I knew it would, but sometimes one wonders.

How's Daddy doing?

Daddy's doing great! As always. He's getting to feel Lily more and more which he loves. And he always says goodbye to her in the mornings before he leaves for work. I can't wait to see him become the dad he has always been destined to be.

Sorry for the delay on this post everyone! I can't believe that I'm a whole week behind. But that's ok. I'll get caught up in the next few days if not today. Thanksgiving week was crazy (more about that in the next post) and we had a crazy weekend too. Fortunately or unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's going to be slowing down anytime soon. I'm planning on going out of town to see my cousin this weekend (and meet her new little guy for the first time) because I realized that this is my only open weekend until after Christmas and the first of the year is when my doctor has recommend that I not travel more than an hour or so away. WOW! I can't believe how far we've come and how quickly Ms. Lily will be here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Talk to you all soon.

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