Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Last 2 Weeks...

I'm just over half way through my 2 week notice. It's been interesting. Telling my bosses I was leaving was not fun at all. Pretending that I'm going to miss this place in order to not hurt the feelings of my co-workers has been a challenge. And then Friday I was called upon to perform one final miracle before I depart!

One of my bosses called me on Friday (my day off) around lunch asking me if I could come in for an hour or two to pull some stuff for a proposal that needed to be finished on Monday. Somehow I understood him to say that the firm we were partnering with was going to actually assemble the proposal and all I needed to do was get them some raw information.

Well, when I got into the office at 1:30pm I found out that that was not the case. We were putting together the proposal and the other firm was getting us information. Very soon I realized that they were asking me to do in a workday and a half what would normally take me three workdays worth of very focused time.

Long story... longer. ;-) I was at work until after 6pm on Friday, and here yesterday, Monday, until after 8pm. Oh well. I'm going out doing miracles and they are going out asking me to. I swear one of these day I'm going to get saint hood. I think you only have to do 3 miracles for that and I've done way more than three!

So... hopefully I won't be expected to be quite so magical at my new job. And I'm certainly looking forward to having a more even schedule! Like I told one of my bosses when we talked... "I didn't go to school to do this! I haven't dreamt of doing this all my life! Therefore, I'm not willing to sacrifice time with my husband, my family and friends, and myself to do it!"

Just three more days left!

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