Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Tupperware Party Get-Together

This past Saturday, I was invited to attend a Tupperware party by April and her mom. Now just as a refersher, April was my BFF until we were about 8 or 9. So, it's been close to 20 years since we saw each other. Her mom, Debbie, was my second mom growing up. It was so wondeful to see everyone again. And I felt so at home there, just like when I was little.

Unfortunately, it was dark in the house and my flash wasn't doing very well. So, in trying to shoot without a flash, I got mostly fuzzy, blurry, nothing pictures. But there were a few that turned out pretty well. So, I hope you enjoy.


Debbie's mom, Debbie's sister, and the hit of the party, Anna's youngest!


Mama and baby


Mama, Baby, and both Grandmothers


Grandmother (Anna's mother-in-law) and the most beautiful baby ever!

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Daniel, Anna, Emma, Kylie, Duncan, and Kellan said...

Aww, thanks Bonnie :) Kellan is precious if I do say so myself ;)