Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bachellorette Party

Once dinner was over, we headed to the apartment to freshen up for the bachelorette party. We were running late, but thankfully everyone else was too and we realized that nothing was going to be going on at 8:30pm in downtown which was our original arrival time. Our officiant's wife, and our friend Brandi, had already purchased me a Bachelorette Kit including a tiara, pageant style sash and shot glass that all proclaimed my status as a bachelorette. My friends from Cali has also brought a veil that had male organs attached to it, a pee-pee straw and pecker mints!


It was so much fun! One of the most fun things was the two of my three brothers, Levi and Luke, decided that they would go with us girls to the bachelorette party instead of hooking up with the guys for the bachelor party. It added so much fun to have the two guys as our escorts and it was awesome for me to be able to share such a fun night with them.

When we got downtown we started off at this awesome Irish pub called Ri-Ra's. It was so beautiful and I'm so looking forward to going back on another night with Jay.

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Jennifer (our resident Irishwoman) even commented on how authentic it is to an actually Irish pub. There was a guy there playing guitar and a guy playing mandolin. It was so awesome. The atmosphere was great, the drinks were great and the music was great. Unfortunately, we had a couple of totally drunk preppy middle aged guys that kept giving us a hard time. They would take one of us aside and ask what was on my veil. When we explained it was a pee-pee, they said they knew that (then why did you ask, silly head!!!) and asked what the signifigence was. Um… hello! It's silly!!! We finally started telling them that it was a tradition within our circle of girlfriends. I think they were just seeing how many of us they could get to say "pee-pee". But whatever.

Eventually we got tired of dealing with them and moved onto this cigar bar called Madison's around the corner.


Unfortunately, that was the only disappointment of the night. The bar is kind of out of the way, there weren't a lot of people there and they ones that where kind of scared us all. I think as soon as Maria had walked into the bar, this slightly off cowboy had bought her a drink. But the experience was salvaged by my mom and Erin getting up on the outside bar (where no one was) and dancing!

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The bouncer had to get them down since that outside bar wasn't stable enough for them to dance on. Unfortunately I was in the bathroom at this point, but there's plenty of photographic proof that it happened! Up until this point, I had been doing really well with the drinking. I had stuck to my jager bombs and was doing very well. But at coyote ugly this girl bought me a shot of Petrone! Not a good idea!!! I could literally feel it washing over me and knew I was going to regret it later.

Since Coyote Ugly was sucking, we decided to head back to Madison's which was the best decision we made all night (thanks Levi for the suggestion).

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The ball games were over and it had almost completely cleared out. We were able to claim seats on the cushy couch and the boys got to play pool until they kicked us out at 2pm. On the way home some people decided they were hungry and mom decided to take everyone to stake in shake. When they were closed they started talking about going somewhere else. Levi kept piping up and saying that I needed to go home. My other friends were listening to my protests that I was ok, but Levi knew I was only trying to take care of everyone else and not ruin the fun. He insisted that the car we were in was going home. He was so wonderful and helped me get into the house and into bed. He wouldn't leave until mom got there with the other girls and he knew someone was going to be there with me.

Next up... Friday's activities.

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