Monday, July 24, 2006

I'll admit it, I'm officially a myspace addict!

So, I'll admit it... I'm now officially a myspace addict. I didn't know what to do with myself for the last couple of days while the myspace network was up and down. I guess it helps me feel connected to the outside world now that I'm on my own.

Not to mention it was FREAKING hot here this weekend. I saw something about 97, which for my area is unbelievably hot. And the humidity was up too. Now I know all you North Carolinians are calling us Southern Californians wusses since that's what you guys deal with from about the first of May until the end of September, but you all have A/C. "What," you ask, "Y'all don't have air conditioning?" Nope we sure don't. Usually we don't need it. It's usually somewhere around the low to mid 70's with a light breeze especiallysince I live a block from the beach, I have to get that in as oftin as I can ;-). If it gets up into the 80's eveyone starts bitching. I have a ceiling fan and was planning on getting a window fan too. Thursday I decided I'd held off long enough and since I was getting paid on Friday I could swing it. Well, aparently I wasn't the only one with this bright idea. I had to go to Lowes, Target and finally Walmart (yuck!) before I even found a fan I could put in my window (it's not even one of the cool window fans). It made a world of difference, but Sunday especially there was only so much it could do. So what did I do? Just what every other red blooded american woman would have done... called it an excelent excuse to go to the mall!!!!!!! Now, I'll give all you guys fair warning: I'm going to be a total girl for the next little bit. Feel free to tune out or stop reading. ;-)

So, Ihave plansto meet a very old friend in about 4 weeks. And I need to look stunning when I get off that plane!! (Thisis thelove-of-my-life-guy from the last blog post!)So, I had planned to go shopping for some new things for my trip with a girlfriend of mine about the middle of August. Well, I started getting nervous about finding something because by then the stores are going to start putting out all their winter stuff and I want a pretty summery sun dress. Not to mention, if you go looking for something in particular, you can never find it and by then it'll be too late and I'll end up buying something I don't really like and I REALLY need to feel confident. (Yes! I'm aware of the fact that I worry too much. You don't have to draw it to my attention).So, I decided I'd go looking around knowing I had X amount of dollars to spend for my trip. I expected to find absolutely nothing, cause that's always my luck. But low and behold, I found the PERFECT dress. (I've attached a pic from my phone. What did we do before we had camera phones?) It makes me feel so pretty and I can't wait to wear it. And it was even less than I was expecting to spend since I got it at one of those Forever-21-type stores, which was also cool because that just shows how much weight I've lost in the past few months (I'd been told this divorce diet works wonders!).

So, anyway, I guess that's the highlights of my weekend! Oh and Charter came to hook up my internet on Saturday, so I'm all up and running. If you haven't seen me on AIM in the evenings for the last few weeks that's why.Idid go to atotally cool burlesque show on Friday at theQueen Mary with the girls. I'll have to blog about that too soon.

Talk to y'all later!!!


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