Friday, January 7, 2011

The Honeydew List is Getting Longer and Longer... (Week 33)

Hello everyone, and welcome to this weeks installment of OH.MY.GOSH.I'M.FREAKING.OUT!! How can we possibly be only 7 weeks from our estimated due date?!?! How did this happen?? I swear, just yesterday I was complaining to my BFF that August was going by so slowly and I thought I'd be in the first trimester forEVER! Now... it's the first week of January and we will possibly be having a baby NEXT MONTH (or the very beginning of the next at the latest). Deep, slow, calming breaths! And that reminds me that I need to call my psychologist and try to get in for an appointment this month. :-)

So, this week Lily is continuing to put on lots of weight. She's approximately 17 inches in length or the size of a pineapple and weighs about 4.25 lbs. We have about 48 days till our estimated due date and are only a couple of weeks away from our next "milestone" of 35/35 where we will be 35 weeks into the pregnancy with only 35 days to go.

What else is she up to in there?

"Over the next four weeks your baby will put on another half pound per week.  This rapid weight gain will slow by next month.  The skeleton is also hardening although the bones in her skull will not fuse together completely, but will overlap allowing for continued growth all the way up until early adulthood."

Her movements continue to get stronger and stronger and I can tell she is rapidly running out of room in there. I'm pretty sure she's head down, which is great, because I feel most of the movement near the lower part of my right ribcage. Sometimes I have to remind her that those are made of bone and aren't going anywhere no matter how hard she pushes on them. I'm slowly getting use to feeling her move. I was really caught off guard by how freaky-weird it felt at first. It was actually a little unsettling and at some points made me feel sea sick (and still does every once in a while). But now I seem to be adjusting and enjoying it more.

How's mama doing?

The last few weeks have been challenging honestly. Too much holiday, family drama, too much fun and excitement being had by all, not enough sleep... all accumulating in some massive breakdowns over the past couple of days. But I got a really good nights rest last night and I think I'm back in the game this morning.

This week has been full of checking stuff off the list. I went Friday of last week to Mary Jo's fabric store in Gastonia to get the fabric that has inspired the whole nursery design. Well... they were out of it and didn't know when/if they would be getting any more in. :-( One major lesson I've learned throughout this whole holiday season is that procrastination really is as bad as I've always feared! I had a couple of issues getting the holiday presents I wanted for people because stores were sold out of stuff by the time I would go looking a couple of weekends before Christmas. Now I remember why I try to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving or very soon there after. Oh well! And then to find that there was no more of the fabric I wanted was frustrating. Thankfully, while searching for ideas online I had determined that I could order it online from a couple of places if disaster struck and Mary Jo's was out of it. Thank goodness I did that! Otherwise I'd have been devastated! I looked at a couple of the fabrics that had been runners up the day I went shopping (months ago), but decided to just stick with my first choice even if it meant having to put off the project.

Monday morning, I got online and found an Etsy seller who had 4 yards of the owl fabric. I only "needed" 2 1/4 yards but since getting more would entail a lot more than a quick run to the fabric store, I decided to order a couple extra yards for future projects. Tiffany at luckykaerufabric was even able to get it in the mail that same day. So Wednesday after work it was sitting in our mail box just begging to be opened. It looked just as good as it had the last time I'd seen it in person months ago. I put it through the wash so that I could get started on projects this weekend!

That wasn't the only package we got this week though. After months of getting emails from those discount websites like Groupon and Zulily and wondering who actually orders this stuff... the "who" became me. One day one of the sites had a 50% off gift card for Bekaboo Baby which sells beautiful Moby style wrap carriers. I couldn't resist... so I ordered one and it was delivered on Monday. Granted I didn't save a whole lot of money over the Moby I had on our baby registry, but... it's from a mama-owned-small-business and the fabric choices were much more beautiful. I got a gorgeous dark green one with cream embroidered flowers and I can't wait to use it. I have already pretty much gotten the hang of the basic hold and my/Lily's new stuffed owl (who's name is Hoot), seems to find it very comfortable. Hehe. I'd have put Sammy in it but I knew he would freak and and most likely bite my face off. Not really high on my list of things I'd like to happen with 7 weeks left in this pregnancy.

Then on Tuesday we received a shopping cart/high chair cover that was featured on another one of those discount sites. Again, I didn't end up saving a lot of money over the one we had picked out on our registry, but we ended up with a much nicer one in a prettier print. I need to take pictures of both and I promise I'll do that very soon. Hopefully this weekend, and while I'm at it, hopefully I'll actually get a bump pic this weekend too. Like I said earlier, the holidays just about did me in physically and emotionally.

So, tonight I'm going down to Mary Jo's fabric store again to pick up some coordinating fabric to match our googly eyed owls. Then this weekend, I'm going to tackle the crib skirt and valence I have designed in my head. Hopefully, I can have both done by next Saturday, the 15th, which is the day of my baby shower. I'm so excited about that! Just have to figure out what I'm wearing. :-( I've gotten too big for pretty much everything I have, even the maternity clothes. So, it's either buy something new (that I'll wear for less than 7 weeks) or get creative with what I have. I'm going to start with the creative part and see where we end up. Hopefully, there is something in the back of my closet that is extra long or empire waisted or stretchy enough to fit over this enormous little girl floating around in side my belly. If not... then we might be making an emergency trip to Destination Maternity.

Additionally, tomorrow we are going to look at a co-sleeper bassinet that is being sold on Craigslist. This is one of the baby gear items I knew I wanted/needed since well before getting pregnant. Thankfully, since they are only used for the first few months, a lot of people sell theirs on Criagslist for a good savings. I've been eyeing them for months but hadn't pulled the trigger until yesterday. I found one that although priced a little higher than I wanted to spend, includes a couple of accessories that we would certainly have had to buy, making it a great price over all. So, if everything works out, we will soon be the proud owners of a co-sleeper bassinet for Lily to sleep in when she comes home.

Last weekend, we decided... (well, I cried and Jay gave in) to go to Buy Buy Baby and look at carseats. This has been the thorn-in-my-side baby gear item from the beginning. When you're dealing with such a safety item it's hard to see straight, especially with so many options, price ranges, and decisions. We have finally decided to go with one of the more expensive ones on the market. I know you surprised, but since we have bargain shopped and bought so many other things used, we figured that we could splurge here. And unlike the bassinet, the wrap or many of the other gear items, this carseat will hopefully be the only car seat she will ever need. We haven't made the final purchase yet because I wanted to do a little price shopping first but it looks like we can get it in town with one of Buy Buy Baby's coupons for the same price we can get it online at Amazon. So, hopefully we'll be pulling the trigger on that huge purchase soon. I know we still have 7 weeks, but then again we only have SEVEN WEEKS! And since she's considered full term at 37 weeks, she could technically be here in as little as 4 weeks! So, it's time to stop researching and time to start buying!!!

How's daddy doing?

Well, with each purchase that was delivered to our house (sometimes without him knowing they were coming) he's been seeing nothing but dollar signs lately. But that's ok. We are now on the other side of the holidays and really ready to sit down, tighten our belts and get ready for this baby to come. So, other than some minor financial freakouts he's doing very well. He's really been good about doing stuff around the house since I consider myself doing good to waddle my butt from the car to the couch in the evenings. He's so excited for Lily to get here so that he can hold her too and not just me, although he loves to cuddle with both of us and she's been showing off her dance moves quite a bit lately. It's always fun to put your hands on the belly and try and figure out what that is that's poking you... leg, foot, arm, elbow??

So, I think that's about it for this week folks. Sorry there haven't been many pictures for a while. I promise I'm going to get better at that very soon. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend! After all the holiday craziness I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs it! See you next week!

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