Monday, October 25, 2010

Going Home Outfit

Well, at least as it stands today. I'm open in the event that I find something I like better. Oh and I'll probably be taking two outfits to the hospital since I've been told that you never know how big they are really going to be and if a newborn size or 0-3 size will fit better. But enough with the stalling... show you the tiny adorable clothes, right?

The whole outfit. Including the most adorable fleece swing-y coat I've ever seen!

 The adorable onesie that goes underneath. It says "mommy's girl".

And the super adorable pants with the ballet slippers on them.

I mean, does it get any cuter than that?!? Except I say that about everything that I see. The really funny thing is, I'd already spent all my "allowance" for the week when I saw this at Target last weekend. But I decided that I didn't really like the dress that I'd bought to wear to my friends shower, and if I took it back and wore one of the perfectly fine things I already owned, I could buy this outfit for Lily. I know... I know. It's already starting. My mom informed me that I would soon find myself willingly going without out in order to buy her something that she doesn't even need! Ah... the life of a Mommy! I'm loving it already!

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