Thursday, February 11, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

Did you hear Julie Andrews singing? I know I did!

I've horribly neglected my blogging responsibilities, dear readers. But today we will have an installment of my Favorite Things.


Did you know that Crate and Barrel has a lower cost store called CB2??? Me either!!! Unfortunately, the brick and mortar stores are in very select cities (Charlotte NOT being one of them), but with the internet, who even needs brick and mortar stores anyway! While perusing I ran across these beauties!

I need these! No... not "want"... NEED these plates! Since I have it tattooed on my arm, most of you probably already know that it's a pretty important symbol in my life, but I never imagined I could have it on a plate set! And running anywhere from $4.95 to $7.95 a piece it might even be a possibility someday!

Next we have the fabulous Lisa Leonard Designs . How beautiful are these?!?!

Unfortunately, at $50 - $60 a piece, they are a not something you can just pick up on a whim, but definitely material for a special occasion!

Third... Did you know that my idol, Marth Stewart, has logo wear??? Neither did I! If you a Martha disciple and also a t-shirt-aholic, then you'll have to buy these TODAY! This is my favorite!

And finally...

My new bracelet from Signals that I LOVE!

Who doesn't need the reminder "Fall seven times, stand up eight" at least once every day! And at only $14.95 EVERY girl needs one!

That's it for this installment of my Favorite Things. What are some of your recent favorite things! What are some of the small things that bring joy into your life?

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Jr. Mint said...

So excited about CB2 - I had no idea! Already found the perfect marble cheese board! Oh and you already know how I feel about the jewelry!